Posted On: 10/15/18 12:25 AM

The 2nd team prospects at the Prep Hoops Arizona Sweet 16 played well during their time at the event. Below are more of the events top performers who were crucial to their team’s success at the Sweet 16.

2nd Team

Kyree Walker 6’4 SG 2020 Hillcrest

Walker played minimal minutes throughout the event. However, in the minutes that he did play, it was clear that he is a game changer. He is strong and athletic which enables him to get into the paint whenever he wants. He is a special prospect due to his rare blend of skill and athleticism.

Walker’s presence, mixed with the other guards on this roster, makes this team extremely dangerous going forward. They have plenty of talent and a very skilled backcourt that will be tough for the vast majority of teams to compete against.

Tyrese Eugene 6’0 PG Post-Grad Taylor Made Prep

Eugene was a really bright spot for Taylor Made all weekend. The group was extremely banged up and missing some of their key pieces. Despite being short handed and injured, the team finished 2-2. Eugene was one of the top defenders in the event as well as one of the top playmakers.

He was able to get into the paint and create for himself as well as others frequently. Moreover, he shot the basketball well from deep at this event, which was a struggle in his past game against ACU’s Prospect team. His ability to create plays while also guarding the best player on the opposing team makes Eugene a huge asset to this team.

JJ White 6’3 PG/SG 2021 Ironwood

Outside of Gonzalez, Ironwood enjoyed contributions from a number of guys en route to making it to the semifinals. With that said, White earned his spot at this spot due to his lockdown defense. Ironwood started out extremely slow against Rio Rico, but White was able to generate three turnovers and three buckets to get the team going.

White is able to guard the best player on opposing teams and keep the basketball in front at a high level. As he continues to improve and grow, he has extremely high upside. He shot the basketball better as the event continued forward as well. 

Dalen Terry 6’7 PG 2020 Hillcrest

Terry’s length and playmaking ability were on display on the first night of the event. This backcourt at Hillcrest has the potential to be one of the best in the nation due to the the playmaking of the group. Further, they possess great length and athleticism. 

If this group is able to shoot the basketball at a high rate from deep, this team will be extremely dangerous. Terry provides the team with a lengthy point guard who could be the catalyst to a tremendous defense.

Payton Dickerson 6’8 SF 2019 Hillcrest North

Dickerson has improved his game in a lot of ways since last season. With that said, he is still at his best as a lengthy spot up shooter from deep. When opposing teams made runs, it seemed as though Dickerson was able to hit a big three that pushed the game just out of reach.

Defensively, Dickerson still has room to go but he looks more interested in providing on-ball defense and help side defense. He moved well and protected the rim much better.