Posted On: 10/1/18 5:29 PM

Sean Franklin

Sean Franklin 6’3 2021 (Edmond Santa Fe)

A tall and lengthy player who knows how to use his athleticism to his advantage. Franklin was one of the most athletic players — if not the most athletic, at the Expo. Franklin pinned multiple shots against the backboard on defense, ran the fast break well, and was able to throw it down with ease. In a set offense, he was great at getting to the rim, and if not scoring, he was finding his way to the free-throw line. Although he is long, he does not lack a solid jumper as it was very effective for him off the dribble.


Kasai Burton 5’10 2022 (Tishomino)

If you’re looking for a pure point guard, Kasai Burton is the one you’re looking for. Burton makes smart passes inside the paint and has a high basketball IQ. He breaks down the defense by forcing his way into the lane and then finds the open shooter behind the arc, if the layup is not there. He has a smooth jumper that he is very comfortable with from the outside.


Xavier Glenn 6’3 2021 (Bixby)

One of the hardest working players at the Expo. Glenn is always moving at full speed and knows how to stay in the passing lanes on defense. He is a deadly slasher who can beat most defenders off the dribble, and is great at filling the lane. At one point, he converted three consecutive dunks for his team off fast breaks.


Reid Lovelace

Reid Lovelace 5’10 2022 (Crossings Christian)

A pure spot-up shooter, he knocked down multiple three-pointers throughout his time at the Expo. When he’s not behind the 3-point line he is able to make his way creatively to the rim. From a set offense, he drove to the lane, faked out a defender with a pass fake, and then finished the contested layup.

Cooper Gudell 6’2 2021 (Crossings Christian) 

Has a high basketball IQ. He understands floor spacing as he was always in the right spot on offense. Throughout the Expo, he was racking up assist and knocking down three-pointers consistently.


Anthony Turner 6’1 2021 (Northeast Academy)

Does everything a team needs from a big man. Turner was routinely in the paint defending shots at the rim. He was also scoring inside with either hand with ease and making good outlet passes to teammates.


Kobey Stephens 6’0 2021 (Wewoka)

Throughout his time at the Expo, Stephens was looking for the steal on defense — but not carelessly. He was great at deciding when to go after a steal and was successful when he did. He also contested many shots at the rim, grabbed rebounds, and pushed the ball down the floor on the fast-break.


Tay Sullivan 6’2 2022 (Garber)

Sullivan, who has great size, can be a really good glue guy for any team. He is a workhorse, shouts commands at teammates, dives for loose balls on the floor, and was able to save some form going out to to give his team another possession.