Posted On: 10/31/18 9:41 PM

Carter Shields is about to start his senior year at Sioux Falls Washington high school. 

The Warriors survived five losses in seven games stretch early in the year to make the state tournament and win 13 games in 17-18.  Shields played under some great upperclassmen in years past, but this year is the role he’s been waiting patiently and working hard for. 

“This summer I worked a lot on my handle and defense,” Shields said. “I feel I made big improvements to both of those areas and will help Washington this season.”

Along with hitting up open gyms, Shields played Sacred Hoops over the summer to get experience playing against several different highly talented players.

“This summer I played for sacred hoops and it’s the best coaching and best program I’ve been in for AAU,” Shields said. “We went to tournaments like Battle at The Lakes and The Hardwood Classic. I would definitely encourage younger hoopers to join Sacred Hoops.”

As for the upcoming season with the Warriors, Shields expects to have a fun and successful senior season. 

“I expect to have a lot of fun with the groups of guys we have this year,” Shields said. “We can be super good if we have the right chemistry and want to compete.  Gabe Person and I are the only seniors this year with playing time last year, but we have a lot of talent with our juniors and other seniors, so I wouldn’t sleep on us.”

Shields describes his game as up-tempo and fast. 

“I like to come off a lot of screens and shoot,” Shields said. “But if I’m pressured I can get to the rim and finish, overall I ’m super excited to prove myself this year.”

As of now, Shields has four offers to play college ball. He plans on making a final decision at the end of the year.

“Dakota State, Dakota Wesleyan, Concordia Nebraska, and Nebraska Wesleyan are the schools I’m considering right now,” Shields said. “I am also in a lot of contact with Northwestern College in Orange City Iowa. I am getting a lot of recruitment with all those schools and am looking at making a decision at the very end of the year, whichever school makes me the most comfortable and has the right education is the one that I’m going to go with.”

Shields and the Sioux Falls Washington Warriors open up their season on December 7 against Kobe Busch and Huron.