Posted On: 10/27/18 12:23 PM

The last bit of the Prep Hoops Indiana Freshman Showcase is coming out over the next few days as we finish up our evaluations for the event. Today, we are looking at Team 1 and those players full breakdowns.

#2 Jahmad Harmon
5’7 PG Lawrence Central (IN)
Jahmad is a small guard but is one of the better scorers you might find from the guard spot. Aggressive and quick with a capable jumper off the bounce. Tough and likes to play with pace. Could turn into a leader for LN sooner rather than later. Loved his balance with his offensive game.

#34 Alex Bell
5’11 PG McCutcheon (IN)
Bell is a smaller lead guard but packs a punch with his creativeness. Didn’t try to make a ton of plays but loved his change of pace and lateral quickness in the lane. Could become a much better and effective scorer really quickly. Needs to add a perimeter jumper too but the raw skills are pretty interesting.

#80 Will Loving-Watts
6’3 SF Jeffersonville (IN)
Will is a big wing with tons of upside. Built big with wide shoulders and long arms who can also knock down threes really well. Was aggressive all over the floor but especially down low, able to impact the boards. However, he’s built to be a true wing and could continue to get taller.

#89 Andrew Leeper
6’5 SF Homestead (IN)
Leeper is a big wing with size and skill that plays well right now. Didn’t shoot it too well but the form is there to be good. Was really impactful playing in the open floor and creating scoring opportunities going at the rim. Does so much well, rebounding, passing, and defense. Good energy on the floor that led to plays for his team.

#98 Jalen Washington
6’7 PF Gary West (IN)
Jalen is a tall forward with outstanding mobility and athleticism with a ton of skill. Very aggressive and played like he was wanting to dominate. Great length and rebounding ability in the lane. Not only phsyically more developed but skill is well ahead of most. 3/4 who could be a top player nationally.

#4 Randy Kelley
5’8 PG Sullivan (IN)
Randy is a smaller guard with some really solid creativity. Played like he knows how to score at his size. Finished well on both sides of the rim and was great in transition. While he lacks size or strength, he has a ton of skill shooting, handling, and passing the ball. Should be a productive player pretty quickly.

#14 Carter St. John
5’9 PG Bishop Chatard (IN)
Carter is a small lead guard with some handles and speed. Not super deceptive but enough that he can get into the lane. Will need to be a little more aggressive with his finishing as some came up short against length. However, liked his ability to play on the ball lead a team.

#24 Ethan DeHart
5’10 PG Northview (IN)
Ethan is a solid guard who shot the ball well for the event. Lefty who has a high release that should continue to work for him. A little passive at times but when he was making plays, he looked like a solid off-guard who can score in a few different ways.

#54 Anthony Williams Jr.
6’1 SG Hobart (IN)
Williams is a big guard who will end up as a 2/3 down the road. Shot the ball really well at times, a little too aggressive on the others. Has great size but didn’t use it enough in rebouding and battling down low. Was basing game more around the perimeter.

#74 Nickolas Mikash
6’3 SF Kankakee Valley (IN)
Nick is an undersized forward but should still grow and has some strength to play in the post now. Will need to find a little more foot speed but did show he could step out to the elbow and beyond and shoot a bit. Could be a stretch forward type with some development.