Pangos: Sunday Standouts


Posted On: 10/21/18 11:00 PM

Sunday closed out the latest edition of the Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp.  There was another full round of games followed by the Top 60 and Top 30 Games.  Here we look at the prospects that stood out on Sunday in La Grange!


PF Grant Newell (Whitney Young – 2021)

Newell continued to show well.  With the way the game is going he is the pro type four man.  Long and athletic forward that runs the floor exceptionally well.  Catches passes on the move and finishes all in one motion.  His ball handling has made significant strides since we saw him over the summer.  Comfortable putting it on the deck from the three point line and in.  Jump shot is his biggest strength.  Lethal shooter from mid-range and has actually become fairly consistent from three as well.  Look for Newell to gain a role for one of the state’s most talented teams during his sophomore year.


SF Tevin Smith (Danville – 2021)

There were more high flying acrobatics from Smith on Sunday.  Big time transition player at 6’3”.  Plays with a super high motor and competes on the defensive end of the floor.  He should be able to make an impact as a sophomore with that tenacity.  Jump shot showed growth hitting threes of the catch and pull ups off hesitation.


SG Ahamad Bynum (Simeon – 2021)

Bynum struggled early in the day on Saturday, but got progressively better as the camp went along.  The 6’2” Simeon guard saved his best for last as he took home MVP honors of the Top 30 Game scoring 30 points.  Jumper was about as on point as I have seen it out of him during his career.  He definitely is a volume scorer that will take a lot of shots.  Needs to be more efficient, but when he is on Bynum can carry a team and that is exactly what he did.  Split defenders and finished difficult layups at the hoop.  His jumper was very good especially off the dribble creating space pulling up on a dime.  Several were from super deep!


C AJ Casey (Simeon – 2022)

In my eyes the top Illinois prospect at the event was Casey.  Was a bit inconsistent on Saturday, but Sunday was very good especially in the Top 30 Game.  The 6’8” center has absolutely every single tool you could ask for in a young post prospect.  Legit size before he plays a game of high school hoops.  Broad shoulders to add strength along with long arms.  Plus athleticism and mobility that plays well on both ends of the floor.  He can handle the ball especially from the mid-post area in.  Explosive around the rim with thunderous slams.  Works well in the pick and roll.  Crashes the glass for put backs.  Potential as a rim protector.  Sky is the limit for this prospect!


SG Jaylin Gibson (Evanston – 2021)

Gibson is ranked among the top guards in the state of Illinois.  He went out and proved it again.  The area I was most impressed with was his passing.  Never seen him pass it quite that well.  Combo guard potential was definitely shown.  High IQ guard that is slick with the ball weaving through defenders to the lane where he found teammates for easy buckets or put it in himself often for and-1s.


SG Kai Evans (Montini – 2021)

Evans burst on our radar first back in the spring.  Didn’t see much more of him, but was definitely someone we wanted to keep tabs on.  Like what we saw at Pangos.  He was especially good in the Top 60 Game.  Evans stands at 6’2” with a mindset that nobody is going to stop him from tearing the rim down.  He attacked with absolute force throughout.  Quick burst on his first step.  Couple powerful jams.


SF John Poulakidas (Neuqua Valley – 2021)

Poulakidas continues to see his stock trending upwards!  This 6’5” small forward was outstanding in both the regular games and Top 60.  Positional size and is a BIG TIME perimeter sniper.  Pull up threes from deep are the name of his game.  Rebounds well for his position.  Handles in the open floor.  Primed for a breakout season!


G Jaylen Drane (Simeon – 2022)

Drane will be challenging his teammate AJ Casey for the top spot in the 2022 class.  There is no doubt that Drane has national prospect written all over him.  Slick combo guard at 6’2” that got in the lane at will all weekend.  Against bigger and older players he was unstoppable in the Top 30 Game going head to head with the best at the camp.  Lives in the paint where he can finish with either had.  Improving as a shooter out to three.  Active hands on the defensive end.  Definitely more of a scorer right now.  Next step will be to round out his offensive game as a distributor.  Plenty of time to work on those skills.


SF Patrick Baldwin Jr (Sussex Hamilton, WI – 2021)

To be honest they could have given Baldwin the camp MVP the moment he signed up.  Then he went out and earned the award which he received at the end of the weekend.  This 6’9” small forward is a premier marksman with the way he shoots it from deep.  Drills threes both off the catch and pulling up in transition.  His overall feel for the game continues to improve.  That was shown through in the way he passed, directed his teammates, and had a feel for where the ball was coming off the rim.  Just such an advanced skill set and IQ at a young age.  Scored anyway he wanted.  Man among boys and the scary part is this baby faced sophomore has so much room to grow physically and as a player.


PF JR Konieczny (St. Joseph, IN – 2021)

This 6’6” face up four man stood out both days of the event.  Quality athlete that has mobility.  What I liked most about his game was he was efficient with his touches.  Didn’t try to do things he couldn’t or over think the game.  Let things come to him.  Solid shooter and finished with quickness in the paint.


G Isaac Haney (Dora, MO – 2021)

Haney stood out on both days and continued his momentum through the Top 60 Game.  Tough and gritty 6’0” combo guard that did the little things to stand out.  Took charges, dived after loose balls, and overall was just everywhere!  Made quite a few tough conversions on crafty layups as well as having a nice floater game.  Capable shooter for sure from three.


C Chase Courbat (Cedar Falls, IA – 2021)

This Iowa product was outstanding in the Top 30 Game.  Standing at 6’9” the sophomore has positional size already for a college five man.  He had excellent touch around the hoop on hook shots.  Even displayed some face up game with a jumper from three.  Works well in the high/low game as both a finisher and passer.  Plus area rebounder that got several buckets on offensive rebounds.


C Sekou Kalle (Aspire Academy, KY – 2021)

Aspire has had some quality posts over the last few years and the Kentucky prep school has another in line with Kalle.  The 6’10” five man is a beast rounder.  Enforcer on the interior with the way he boxes out, boards, and plays defense.  Shot blocker against both guards and bigs.


PF Jalen Washington (Gary Westside, IN – 2022)

Washington is one of the premier prospects out of the state of Indiana in the 2022 class.  The 6’7” power forward struggled some finishing during the week.  He definitely showed flashes of his immense potential.  Quick second jump off the floor.  Super athletic at his size and runs the floor fluidly.  Mobile four man that should project as a quality defender.


SF Michael Duax (Hempstead, IA – 2021)

The Iowa native stands at 6’5” with sneaky athleticism as he threw home a big dunk in the Top 30 Game.  Skilled wing with size.  Feeds the post well as a passer.  Potential to be a complete wing on the offensive end as time progresses.


SG Kobe Bufkin (Grand Rapids Christian, MI – 2021)

This 6’3” shooting guard from Michigan was one of those prospects that every time you looked up #158 made another play.  This left handed wing has quality size playing bigger than his listed height in the program.  Smooth pull up jump shot and has long strides in transition covering a lot of ground.  Silky scorer is one to watch!