Posted On: 10/23/18 2:24 PM

James Freeman G 6’3 2022 Sacramento High- James was one of the most talented and athletic freshman at the Get Right Hops All Nor Cal Camp. Standing at 6’3 and with the body of a baby Russell Westbrook. James has a very good motor and plays the game with a high level of intensity . On the break he kicks the ball ahead and finishes at the rim with authority. When on a full head of steam James has his eyes up and gets where he wants to. With a good looking shot from outside James put himself on a list of  top 25 freshman in the state.


Malik Rose PG 5’8 2022 Folsom High- Malik Rose was by far the best point guard in the freshman class. With lighting speed he burst down the court and gets to the teeth of the defense and finished or kicked to an open teammate at the last minute. Coming off the pick and roll he is a magician drawing fouls setting up teammates and making it look easy. Malik’s game transfers no matter how old the completion. One of the players who’s game will always make a difference on every level.


Keandre Burns 2022 6’6 Yuba City High-Keandre is a very smooth big who can go over both shoulders. When going to the rim he can finish above the rim with both hands as well. Very good from 15 feet and in , he also has a smooth handle that he uses after a rebound and pushing the break himself. He is a very good shot blocker with good timing he gets up on the glass and wipes away any easy buckets. Very intriguing young big.


Austin Swedensky 5’8 2022 Del Oro High- Austin is a very special talent. With a very firm and quick handle he blows by defenders with a next play mentality. With good size he takes contact and finishes with toughness. Austin also has some of the best set of eyes in the state. With a variety of passes he uses no looks and lobs to get his teammates open. It is never too late to pass for Austin passing out of jump shots and layups. With a quick first step it is hard to get by Austin, offensive players have a hard time getting by him because of his build and his ability to manipulate his opponent into thinking they are open.