Posted On: 10/30/18 1:50 PM

Omaris Davis G 2021 Vanden High -Omari is a star in the making. With a very lanky build Omari is a very good on ball defender, stripping the defender and turning it into a bucket for his team. Along with his defense Omari is a very smooth guard that plays the game simple. A head fake here and there using both hands when finishing at the cup. Coming through the lane dunking on defenders this kid is a hidden gem in California. Can shoot it from outside and also has a great mid range. Very young sophomore and still growing.


Tj Fox 2021 G Center High- Tj is  scoring guard. Without hesitation as soon as the game gets going he is looking to go. With good elevation on his jump shot, he jumps above defenders and knocks it down. Coming down hill he is very crafty spinning through defenses and taking contact on the finish. Because of his ability to score he gets on the boards cleaning up his teammates misses and some time his own. Has potential to become a big time athlete.


Jeremiah Jones 2021 G Wood High- Jeremiah was by far the best 2021 PG at camp. Poised for a huge sophomore year he took no time to make his mark. With lighting quick handle he blows by any defender and set his teammates up. When not setting his teammates up he is harassing the other teams guards or stripping it away from the bigs. One of his best qualities is his ability to not turn the ball over. With a great arsenal of floaters pull up jumpers and a frequently hitting three ball Jeremiah Jones is definitely a name to remember.


Jonathan Schooley 2021 G/F Inderkum High- Jonathan came into camp as a player and left as a star. This high flying 2021 player did everything all weekend. With a tremendous motor Jonathan finished above the rim on almost all his drives. The elite slasher used his strong frame and his jumping ability to body defenders and finish above the, Hitting a couple three’s now and then to keep the defense off balance would give a quick head fake and take off from the second hash sometimes outside the paint and dunk on defenders. With good timing he gets up on the glass to rebound and also block or alter shots. Jonathan will be a force on the varsity level for Inderkum High. Also the winner of the camps Dunk Contest.


Isaac Montgomery 2021 G Vanden High- Isaac is built like a college football running back but scores in resemblances to Derrick Rose. With his strong from there is no stopping him, going down hill Isaac uses his athletic ability to fly by the primary defender and avoid the second defender all while scoring. With a score first mentality he is a threat as soon as he crosses half court. Very good in the pick and roll and rejecting screens Isaac was awarded camps MVP award showing he belongs with the top talent in California.

Tyree Malik 2021 G Burbank High- The strong lefty was also one of the most athletic guards in camp. The strong lefty showed the ability to shoot from range, use some very good post work and also use his dribble to get by defenders. When in the half court set you have to be aware of his quick leaping ability because he will come down the lane with no regard for anyone. When he is off ball he sky’s in for rebounds and tip jams. Tyree also gets out and runs the lane that end up in a lot of easy buckets and dunks for him. Will have a big varsity season for Burbank High School.