Posted On: 10/24/18 7:00 AM

PrepHoops Oregon is hitting up open gyms in the Portland Metro area this next month to get an early look some of the top teams. Tuesday afternoon’s visit was to see the Franklin Quakers. The Quakers play in the PIL’s nicest facility but they are hoping to challenge for one of the league’s playoff spots as well. Led by head coach Scott Aker, Franklin ran through numerous half-court and full-court drills during this open gym workout.

Here are observations on the several players that were present:

Taylor Pomeroy (2019)

Pomeroy will be the team’s top offensive threat this season but at this workout, he was content playing team basketball, passing the ball around and letting others have the opportunity to shoot. According to Aker, reigning things in is one of the things they have been working on with the senior for him to get more confident in his teammates. Pomeroy was more aggressive offensively in the fall game we watched, scoring the majority of his points on drives to the basket where he would finish off the backboard or with small floaters.

Tucker Pellici (2020)

Pellici continues to improve every time we see him on the basketball floor as he’s grown by leaps and bounds from the start of the summer until now. The 6-foot-10 junior was tough on the glass and had a soft touch on several followup buckets. At the fall league, he was absolutely dominant and not just because he had about four inches of height on everyone else. He got solid position down low and powered up to the hoop – at times maybe just a little too aggressive by lowering his shoulder and getting called for the charge. Pellici is still learning the game but he continues to rapidly improve.

Cayden Wagner (2020)

We had not seen Wagner play before and he made an immediate impression. The 6-foot-2 junior is skilled with the ball and has a very nice touch from the outside. In both the open gym workout and the fall league game he was able to get open for shots and knocked them down with consistency. It is clear that Wagner needs strength but there’s no question he has the ability to score some buckets and get major minutes this season.

Robel Demisse (2020)

Demisse stood out immediately because he has a rock solid basketball body at 6-foot-3. He seemed a bit passive at the open gym workout, but in the fall league he was solid on the boards, setting screens, and posting up strong for a couple of buckets.

James Demmings (2019)

Demmings is a 6-foot-4 forward who got spot minutes last season. He’s a hustle guy and he fought hard on the boards and got a couple of putbacks in drills.

Henry Grassman (2021)

Grassman is a 6-foot-5ish post player who looks to have some potential as he grows both physically and with his understanding of the game. He has huge feet and was active on the glass and looked pretty good running the floor and finishing with layups on the break. According to Aker, he will be brought along slowly and will play on the JV squad this year.