Posted On: 10/19/18 4:02 AM

  The July Live Period is a special time of the year for high school basketball prospects because it provides a stage where they can showcase their talent in front of multiple college coaches across the country. Nobody took more advantage of the opportunity than 3-star point guard Jamal Shead of Urban ASAK 17U and Manor High School. Shead was very consistent, putting up big numbers against the state’s best teams in the RCS George McClellan Invitational and Duncanville July Live Period GASO. In this article, I go one-on-one with one of the state’s best point guards and the country’s best on-ball defenders.


The Interview

Brandon:I feel you had a breakout summer with Urban ASAK on the Adidas Silver circuit and in other tournaments. How would you grade your performance this summer?

Jamal: I would say I got a lot of new and exciting exposure , got to play great people so the summer was overall great

Brandon:You had solid performances against some of the premier teams in the state during the live period. Including:

  • 19 points vs Dallas Mustangs 17’s
  • 20 points vs UA Texas Hardwork 17’s
  • 25 points vs Nike EYBL Drive Nation 17’s

What was your mindset going into those games?

Jamal: My mindset really didn’t change, I guess playing against rough competition makes me play better.

Brandon:In my opinion you are the top on-ball defender in Texas. I love how you have rattled nationally ranked players and caused them to turn the ball over. Who was the toughest player you faced this summer and why or was there any player you played that caught you off guard?

Jamal: Tyrese Maxey was easily the best player I played this summer , everyone has seen me rip him on camera but no one noticed how he scored 11 points in a row right after that to put his team up in crunch time. So easily Maxey.

Brandon: Have you always been great at peeling dudes like that? I’ve seen you embarrass plenty of dudes with your defense. You really take pride in locking up.

Jamal: I would say that I take pride in defense and yes the peeling has been there lol. 

Brandon:There are only a few premier summer teams in the Central Texas area. What led you and your family to choose Urban ASAK as your summer team? How long have you been running with them?

Jamal: I have been with ASAK since the 8th grade and it just became my home, people like Coach Carlton and Coach Murph having treated me like family.

Brandon: (Off topic question) What type of music do you listen to? Who is the artist that you bump the most and whats your favorite song out right now?

Jamal: Drake is the goat , I rarely listen to anyone besides drake and my favorite song right now would have to be Can’t Take a Joke by Drake

Brandon:What schools have been talking to you? Who is seriously interested and who has offered?

Jamal: Drexel, Houston, SMU, Texas A&M, and Texas State have offered. Stephen F. Austin, TCU, and Texas have shown interest.

Brandon: What do you feel you can bring to a college team to help them at the next level?

Jamal: I feel I can bring leadership and a different vibe.

Brandon: Now that the summer season is over with, what facets of your game are you looking to improve during the High School Football Season (Aug-Oct) ?

Jamal: I am looking to improve my ball-handling and my outside jumpshot.

Brandon: (Last Question) What are your personal and team goals for this upcoming high school season? What teams are you looking forward to playing?

Jamal: I want to lead our young team and open the eyes of the people who are doubting us. We will have one of the most anticipated games of the year when we play Lyndon B. Johnson on December 11th.