Posted On: 10/1/18 3:22 PM

Among all of the athletes at the Reynolds League Final in Oklahoma City last weekend, there were a select few players that were a step above outstanding. As the bracket was split into two sides –Oklahoma City and Tulsa — these were the most outstanding players from the OKC side:

Jordan Thompson 2020 Southmoore

Jordan Thompson was named the OKC MVP for the whole league. Thompson was pretty much a green-light shooter at all times throughout the league. He very well may have been the most offensively dominant player on hand on Championship Saturday. Thompson consistently hit 6 to 10 3-pointers per match, sometimes even more.

Christian Cook 2019 Midwest City

Christian Cook was physically dominant on both sides of the floor and was named the top shooter of the OKC side of the Reynolds League. He pulls up off the dribble seamlessly from long range, but his skills don’t end there — he’s just as dangerous driving in the line and finishing at the rim; perhaps even more so. Cook also does work on the defensive end, getting steals and blocking shots.

Jacob Thionnet 2019 Edmond Memorial

Jacob Thionnet is a versatile wing who understand his role on the floor. He is a good mid-range shooter and finisher at the rim. Thionnet’s basketball IQ along with court vision are impressive traits that allow him to do much more with the ball than otherwise. He is an exceptional rebounder and can get a lot of second-chance buckets for his team.

Eli Hollis 2019 El Reno

Eli Hollis made his stock all-the-more valuable last Saturday at the Reynolds League Final. Hollis’s dominance on both the offensive and defensive side were unmatched. He was named the Top Defender for the OKC Reynolds League for his dominance in the paint in blocking shot attempts. Hollis brings a high level of energy and a lot of buckets when he steps on the court.