Posted On: 10/9/18 10:15 AM

The two-headed monster in Tea is back this season, new and improved. Justin Hohn and Noah Freidel have proven to be two of the most skilled hoopers in South Dakota, and they just so happen to be on the same team. Providing a total offensive attack, Hohn and Freidel know how to put points on the board. Last season, Freidel averaged around 25 ppg. Hohn averaged around 10, and dished out 156 total assists. 

After a second place finish at the state tournament, both D1 commits knew they needed to keep adding to their game to return for one last chance at a state championship.

Hohn: “This summer I wanted to turn into a more consistent shooter and learn different finishes around the rim.”

Freidel: “I spent a lot of time working on my defense this summer! I wanted to be able to shut down anyone who needs to be. I challenged myself a lot by guarding guys I usually wouldn’t.”

It is impressive to see skilled players unsatisfied and seeking new challenges to keep improving. Both Tea Titans spent time this summer polishing their new skills against live competition. Hohn played for the Pentagon Schoolers, and Freidel with the SD Attack. They plan to bring a new and improved version of their game to this season. 

Hohn: “You’ll see me put up a lot more points along with some unorthodox moves and finishes.”

Freidel: “I have lost quite a bit of weight and I won’t have my knee injury slowing me down hopefully. I will be a lot quicker and way more explosive!”

These improvements did not come easy. It took countless hours in the gym and adjusting their workout plan over the years to become the athletes they are today.

Hohn: “When I started doing workouts in middle school, it was a lot more ball handling. As I’ve gotten older, that becomes muscle memory so in these past years we’ve focused much more on how to score and less on ball handling, although ball handling is still very important.”

Freidel: “They (workouts) went from just throwing up shots for fun to going to the gym with a purpose. You should have a plan of attack every time you go and set goals for yourself.”

Both seniors have some advice for basketball players that want to improve their game.

Hohn: “As far as young hoopers go, I’d say to never skip out on reps and to never get complacent. The more you settle, the less improvement you’ll see. Ball out for as long and as hard as you can because there will be a day in your life where the ball wont be there, and you won’t be able to play the game you love anymore.”

Freidel: “You’ve got to go to the gym with a purpose and a want to get better. Every time you go, you have to leave a little better then before. Always work hard and be coachable.”

This is great advice from two student athletes. These D1 commits truly know what it takes to get to the top.

The two-headed monster is not alone. Surrounded by more scoring talent in Kade Stearns and Mason Ritter, it should turn out to be an entertaining year for the Tea Titans.