Posted On: 10/24/18 9:46 PM

The Eagles will have a different look to them this season as they have not only added some new players but have a different coach as well. We expect Northwood to having some early season growing pains of course but as the season goes on they should get better and be a dangerous team when tournament time comes.

Senior Guard Josh Nickelberry: He has faced all types of matchups and competition during his high school career so the experience he has will be huge for this young squad. Scoring the ball is one the things that he does best as he is the type of player that can for 40 on any given night.

Junior Guard Jamahri Harvey: With so many teams focusing in on Nickleberry, this will be a time where Jamahri can step in and show what he has. He has good size for a guard at 6’4, is athletic and is another player that can score the ball. From what we have been informed, he has been in the weight room which is something that will only help him along the way.

Sophomore Guard Emmanuel Sepulveda: The improvement that he has shown over the past two years has been impressive and we feel like he will only get better with time. He’s quick, strong, a gifted passer and has a nice IQ for the game overall, look for him to put together some nice performances this season.

Junior Guard Jamel Carter: He returns to Northwood Temple after a season at Freedom and he brings a different style to the PG spot when he’s running the show. He is a player that can play in the half court setting pretty well and does a nice job of keeping the game simple, and facilitating which leads to his teammates getting easy buckets.

Senior Guard Charles Page: He transfers in after a few seasons at Fayetteville Christian and has a good amount of varsity experience. His ability to shoot the ball is one area that we do like him for to contribute to this team, gets better at picking his spot and playing within the flow of the offense whenever we see him.

Junior Forward Travon Jackson: Energy and Athleticism is what you’re going to get him from every single night. You know for a fact that he is going to give you everything he has and he doesn’t mind mixing it up inside with opponents that may be taller than him. With the lack of experience in the post for the Eagles, he will be called on to play quite a few minutes this season inside the paint.