Posted On: 10/31/18 9:28 PM

Greenfield School 2020 Guard Creighton Lebo: You may know him for his ability to shoot and score the ball, which is understandable since he averaged over 30 PPG last season. However he is no slouch on the defensive side of the ball, he truly gets after it and does a nice job of staying honest and out of foul trouble for the most part.

Lumberton HS 2020 Guard Jordan McNeill: The first time that we saw him play, we noticed that he plays the game with an edge and a toughness that you love. He has a lean build to his body and good lateral quickness that causes all types of problems for opponents.

Mount Zion Christian 2021 Guard Quentin Richardson: Another player that was found by our guy Tony Bruton, Quentin is a youngster with a nice amount of potential and skill. He is gifted on both sides of the floor and his end to end speed is impressive.

West Craven 2019 Guard Latrell Campbell: He has quietly but put together a very impressive high school career and is on tap to have a big time senior season. He is a player that we would define as a dual threat guy, at 14 PPG and 3 steals per contest you can see why he is a player that you def want on your squad

Reidsville HS 2021 Guard Breon Pass: He is a name that we have heard a ton about over the last year and rightfully so. Check out his numbers last season and you can see what type of damage he was doing on the court: 17 points, 6 Rebounds and over 3 steals per game.

Westover HS 2020 Forward Traymond Willis-Shaw: Another player that has a lot of the tools that you like to see from a player on defense. 6’6, long arms, and good instincts are all things that can help him be a good defender on and off the ball. You also have to take into account that he plays for a defensive minded program at Westover, which will only bring the best out of him on that end of the floor.