Posted On: 10/17/18 5:24 PM

Bryan Greenlee/Zimife Nwokeji, The Rock School

The emergence of Greenlee as a physical playmaker mirrored The Rock’s ascension to a 2018 SIAA state championship. The point guard with a college ready body and a scoring acumen at all three levels adds a significant target in the high-flying and ferocious 6-foot-7 forward Zimife Nwokeji.

Greenleee, who averaged 15 points and led the team in assists as a junior, is a floor-spreader who commandeers the offensive attack. He’s able to carve through defenders and get to the rim. With the FLorida State-commit Nwokeji floating around the basket, expect the tandem to connect with consistency. Anticipate the acrobatic open court finisher, Nwojeki, to finish a number of high lob passes in dazzling fashion.

This will give the guard-laden squad a unique inside-outside game. Justin Hardin’s team features another high level post presence in Lynn Kidd, who has opened up a dependable shooting touch and has the look of a stretch four/five.

Toru Dean/Lee Flenor, South Miami

You would be hard-pressed to find a tougher, more hard-working inside-outside tandem than these two cousins. Both are integral to everything South Miami does on both sides of the floor. If the 6-foot Dean were 6-foot-4 or 6-foot-5, Division-I programs would be jockeying for the position of front runner in his recruitment. He’s got natural ability in his IQ and ability to see the floor and utilize the weapons flanking him, facilitating a high-powered offense.

Flenor is a bullish 6-foot-6 forward whose physicality and electrifying bounce allows him to beat out bigger players on the glass. He’s got springboard caliber hops and can really finish in extravagant fashion. The two constantly find each other on the break. While Dean penetrates, draws defenders in and kicks, Flenor is the first option around the rim. The know how and experience they’ve gained playing together solidifies them as a threatening tandem. Both players set a loud tone defensively, Dean with his on-ball pressure and Flenor with his rim protection.

Caeser Linarez/Landon Martinez
, Mater Lakes Academy

Linarez knows how to create for a high-scoring piece, as he’s done the last few seasons for the prolific scoring 6-foot-3 drive-first guard, Cyrus Largie (who has scored 2500 points during his illustrious varsity career). The senior point guard runs the system well and sees the floor, initiating the attack and kicking in assists and hockey assists.

With the emergence of Martinez, a high ceiling 6-foot-8 transfer from Los Angeles, Linarez has a developing big man who could turn in lob passes and post feedings into easy buckets. His offensive game is starting to evolve and establishing a back to the rim presence has been his focus since arriving to Miami. He averaged a team-best 16 boards during the summer league and really knows how to eat up space, box out, and secure the ball. The key for Martinez, who head coach Juan Urbina sees tremendous potential and upside in, is to transition from being a hustle points guy to a skilled interior scorer who can take one dribble and throw it down with ease.

Malcolm Farrington/Moussa Diabate, DME Academy

The muscle bound 6-foot-4 Farrington is known for his shooting exploits, underscored by his knack for getting hot in a hurry. Having developed a handle and evolved into a cerebral passer who loves to facilitate, anticipate him controlling the tempo for an entirely new look DME offense this season. He’s got a massive, sky-rising target in the 6-foot-9 Diabate, who oozes of high major potential and can make dazzling plays in the open court.

Diabate has the type of handle and one on one game to pose a threat for defenders on every possession. With Farrington throwing him the rock in the high post and letting him operate, DME has the chance to instill fear in many foes this season. Both have the type of big game experienced required for both the hyper-competitive Grind Session and SIAA schedule.