Mansfield Team Preview

High School

Posted On: 10/29/18 6:33 PM

Mansfield will have one of the most talented and experienced teams that they have had in a long time. They have three returning seniors including: Terrell Williams, D.J. Arnold and T.J. Justus. The trio started the majority of the season last year. They also have a pair of top 20 sophomore prospects in Shannon Lowry and Drew Crippen . Mansfield has some pretty decent size on their squad and point guard D.J. Arnold will be the X-factor for the Tigers.  

Players to Watch 


Terrell Williams / 6’5” / SF / 2019

Terrell had a big spring and summer this past AAU season. His recruitment has picked up and multiple Division I’s and II’s are showing strong interest. Terrell can score off the catch from the outside and does not mind doing the dirty work on the glass. He is the Tigers best player and will need to be aggressive this year for his team to succeed.


Shannon Lowery / 6’4” / SF / 2021

Shannon is a swingman with good ability on the perimeter. He is a tough, lean athlete that runs the lanes well in transition and finishes strong at the rim. Shannon is also a good slasher that utilizes his good first step to get by defenders. He has good length and good lateral quickness that helps him stay in front of defenders on the defensive end.

Talby Justus / 6’5″ / SF / 2019

Justus is the player that you want on your team because no matter who he is playing against he’ll do everything you need. He is a shooter that plays the 3 and the 4 for his Tigers team. He is a tweener because he doesn’t have ideal size for the 4 and the perimeter skills to play the 3 but he makes up for it with his IQ and his toughness. D2/D3/NAIA prospect.


Drew Crippen / 6’4″/ SG / 2021

Drew will not join the Tigers until after football season, but he will be a major addition to the varsity team when he comes. Crippen is a smooth do-it-all shooting guard that can stretch the floor with his shooting ability or get by defenders with a combination of crossovers and other crafty moves. Drew is also a good passer that finds cutters and open teammates when he attacks. He is a very active rebounder from the guard position.