List of Transfers

High School

Posted On: 10/26/18 11:49 AM

The landscape of a high school basketball season can always change from year to year with players transferring from one program to another. He is a list of transfers in the Show-Me State. If there others that are not listed, don’t hesitate to inform us with the information.

Animu Mohammed 6’5″ Springfield Greenwood ’21 (from Washington D.C.)

Matteus Case 6’5″ Chaminade ’20 (from Canada)

Lamontay Daugherty 6’7″ Mehlville ’20 (from DuQuoin, IL)

Davion Bradford 7’0″ Mehlville ’20 (from Hillcrest Prep, AZ)

Isaiah Ervin 6’2″ Hazelwood Central ’19 (from Alton Marquette)

Jordan Nesbitt 6’5″ St. Louis Christian ’21 (from Lutheran North)

Sekou Gassamma 6’10” DeSmet ’21 (from St. Louis Christian)

Akor Yor 6’8″ Vashon ’19 (from South Carolina)

Jackson Connor 6’6″ Chaminade ’20 (from Marion, IL)

Joseph Jones 5’9″ Webster Groves ’19 (from Atlanta, GA)

Darian Smith 6’4″ Trinity ’20 (from MICDS)

Buck Bowling 6’5″ Jennings ’19 (from William Penn HS, DE)

Ryan Torrey 5’11” Soldan ’19 (from Cardinal Ritter)

Chevy Brenson 6’4″ CBC ’21 (from Christian O’Fallon)

Javon Bolden 6’0′ Jennings ’19 (from Northwest Academy)

Jalen White 6’2″ Marquette ’19 (from Lutheran North)

Brandon Ellington 6’6″ Cardinal Ritter ’20 (from DeSmet)

Kolten Griffin 6’4″ St. Joe Lafayette ’20 (East Buchanan)

Greg Robinson 6’5″ Confluence Academy ’19 (from Pattonville)

Logan Wich 6’7″ Parkway West ’21 (from DeSmet)

Drew Richardson 6’2″ Crystal City ’20 (from Lesterville)

DeMarion Shanklin 6’2″ Jennings ’21 (from CBC)

Tavon Graham 6’5″ Confluence Academy ’19 (from Riverview Gardens)

Michael Terry 6’2″ Hazelwood East ’19 (from Arkansas)

Devon Barshow 6’4″ Marquette ’19 (from Affton)

Tarrel Morris 5’0″ Confluence Academy ’19 (from Cardinal Ritter)