Posted On: 10/11/18 3:42 AM

Players around the state of Michigan are hard at work with trainers, coaches, and at camps. Athletes are using this time to improve their skills and expand their games. The Let’s Get Ready Basketball Camp is a chance for players to test their skills against solid competition and ‘get ready’ for next season. The event takes place on October 20 and 21st at the Freeland Sports Zone. 

The Let’s Get Ready Basketball Camp is presented and ran by, Coach Dell Johnson. Coach Johnson was a head coach for Michigan HS Basketball and is one of the top trainers in the Saginaw area. He was one of the coaches at the Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo earlier this month. He’s a coach who is passionate about the game and cares about the basketball players that he teaches and coaches.

The Let’s Get Ready Basketball Camp is a combination of drills and game play. Each day will begin by rotating through drill stations. There will be contests, such as a 3-point shootout and King Of The Court. The last 60-75 minutes will be game play. The games at the Let’s Get Ready Basketball Camp will be 20 minutes, with the clock stopping in the last minute. The teams will be put together by Coach Johnson on the first day. On the second day, the players pick captains by voting on the top players from Day 1. At the end of the Let’s Get Ready Basketball Camp, a Most Outstanding Player will be named.

The Let’s Get Ready Basketball Camp focuses on preparing players for the coming season. The event allows players to see how they stack up against some of the best competition in Michigan. The athletes will have an opportunity to be taught how to deal with the pressure and anxiety of tryouts. 

Koby Barnett (2019, 6’5, F, Saginaw High School)

Justus Drabik (2020, 6’4”, F, Midland Dow)

Freddie McIntosh (2020, 5’11”, PG, Saginaw High School)

Jacob Tomsich (2020, 5’11”, PG, Midland Dow)

Ian Bissell (2021, 6’0”, G, Bullock Creek High School)

Mathew Douglas (2021 G, Midland Dow)

Shane Hunt (2021, 6’1”, Midland Dow)

Javonte Jones (2021, 5’11”, G, Carrollton High School)

Keaton Ringley (2021, G, 6’1″, Valley Lutheran High School)

Albert Stafford (2021, 6’2”, Grand Blanc High School) 

Josh Elliott (2022, 6’1, F, Freeland High School)

Marco Hernandez (2022, 5’11”, F, Carrollton High School)

Carmelo Harris (2022, 5’10”, G, Flint Beecher)

Sheddrick Murrell (2022, 6’2”, G, Arthur Hill High School)

Brady Titus (2022, 5’10”, PG, Tri Unity Christian)

Derrick Voltz 2022, 6’1”,G, Carrollton High School)

Carmelo Works (2022, 5’9”, G, East Lansing)