One-on-One with K.J. Cunningham

High School

Posted On: 10/30/18 6:30 PM

Player Breakdown 

K.J Cunningham / PG / 6’2” / 2019


K.J. is a strong built point guard who scores it well on all levels. He can break you down off the bounce and pull up for the mid range jumper. He runs the pick and roll well on the offensive end and knows how to create shots for others. K.J. is also a strong rebounder on both ends.


The Interview 

Dre: How long have you been playing basketball?

K.J.: I’ve started playing basketball at the age of 4

Dre: Who did you play AAU with this past summer and how was it?

K.J.: Last summer I played on Texas impact 4:13 and came out with 9-10 offers! I felt like I played great this summer despite my injury in April.

Dre: Did anyone else besides you in your family play basketball?

K.J.: My little brother and sisters play basketball along with other sports like volleyball and football. The only person that went to college for basketball is my dad Jeremy Cunningham.

Dre: Who is K.J. on and off the court?

K.J.: On the court I’m a team player who just wants to win, but off the court I’m a chilling, dancing and smiling type of guy who’s always in a good mood.

Dre: What made you want to commit to Weber St.

K.J.: The reason I committed to Weber State is because of the family environment that the whole team has and the love those guy show each other is what made me commit there. I can’t wait to get up there!!

Dre: Who is your favorite NBA player and why?

K.J.: Kobe Bryant is my favorite player because of his work ethic and his desire to be great.

Dre: What are some of the things in your game you’ve been focusing to improve for the season

K.J.: I focus on improving my I.Q more and defense but this off season I’ve been working on my speed and getting stronger.

Dre: What is your goals for yourself and teammates this year?

K.J.: My goal for myself is to improve myself every game like being a better teammate and being the hardest working player on the court at all times. For my teammates, I just want all of them to work hard like they do so we can make a run this year to state and win.

Final Thoughts 

Kj Cunningham is one of the best guards in the state and he has a chance to help his team to win district and make a state run.