Posted On: 10/12/18 3:28 PM

Kentucky is short on big post players but the few we do have are pretty skilled at scoring on the block and in the low post. Continuing the season previews, we break down the top low post scorers in the state. As usual, these are presented in no particular order.

  • Walton-Verona’s Dieonte Miles is a dynamic low post scorer. Dieonte’s quick twitch muscles are so fast that he can shoot, miss and tip in the miss before most players can miss the first shot. Miles is headed to Xavier for his college career where he will terrorize Big East front courts for years to come.
  • Holy Cross senior Pete Knochelmann is skilled on the block with the ability to score over either shoulder. What Pete lacks in athleticism, he makes up for with shot fakes and positioning. Look for Knochelmann to have his way with a lot of smaller teams in the 9th region this season.
  • Madison Central’s Senior leader Isaiah Cozart is as skilled as Knochelmann but he prefers to try and dunk everything. Isaiah is a lefty who is really good when he can get the ball in his left for a baby hook or up and under. 
  • Another 11th region Senior, Michael Moreno of Scott County is one of the more polished low block scorers in the state. Moreno has terrorized teams all over the state with his ability to bully defenders and finish at the rim. Michael can stretch the floor with shooting but his bread and butter is scoring on the low block.
  • Reigning state champion Nick Thelen has had a lot of success as a rebound and put back master over the last few seasons at Cov Cath but he should be able to get more post touches in isolation this season.
  • Nick Martin of Knox Central is another talented senior. Nick can play with his back to the basket and will not hesitate to rise up and try to dunk on defenders who give him the room. 
  • Madisonville Junior Ksuan Casey is a load in the post. He may be the most polished low post scorer in the state regardless of class. He uses his big body to punish defenders. If Ksuan can slim down he’ll be an even better low block scorer and can integrate rim running into his game.
  • Mark Goode of LaRue County is another Junior who knows how to use his body to get where he wants to in the paint. Goode isn’t very athletic but he is a very polished scorer on the block and can knock down jump shots from the elbow extended area.
  • The biggest sophomore in the state is also the best scorer on the block. Trey James of Sheldon Clark is a big bully to most defenders in the 15th region and finish over top of them. James wants to dunk everything he can. Trey shoots a remarkably high percentage from the field but should see a lot of double teams this season.
  • Another top sophomore post player is Shelby County’s Noah Gordon. Gordon has the skills and ability to be a really good post or even a stretch four. The only thing hurting Noah at this point is his conditioning. If he can get in better shape, Noah could have a huge sophomore season for the Rockets.