Posted On: 10/4/18 3:04 PM

Aside from our region by region previews that have been going on for a couple of weeks, part of the 2018-19 season preview will be breaking down the state’s top players by position. Today we continue by taking a look at the state’s best scoring point guards. The point guards who are at the best with the ball in their hands and attacking the rim or putting up perimeter jumpers. The state has many of these types but here I will try to feature the best in the state. They are listed in no particular order.

David Johnson, Trinity – Committed to Louisville, Johnson is one of the best players to come through the state in the last decade or so. Great size for the position and top tier athleticism put Johnson at the top of the list when discussing 2019 players.

Dekeyvan Tandy, University Heights – Tandy is realistically more of a shooting guard but his height makes him a point guard by default. Regardless of position, KyKy is one of the best purer scorers around. Look for Tandy to average over 30 points per game again this season.

Rodriguez Thomas, Paducah Tilghman – There aren’t many better shooters in the class than Thomas. Rod plays with the ball in his hands a lot but his future is likely off the ball because he is such a good shooter. Look for Thomas to average around 20 points per game as a Senior.

Diablo Stewart, Scott County – Stewart is a smaller point but he excels at scoring the ball and getting his shot off against bigger defenders. It will be interesting to monitor how the transfer of Isaiah Allen affects Diablo but if they can co-exist they could be very explosive.

Donnie Miller, Newport – Donnie is a gifted scorer that can score at all 3 levels and should be a breakout performer in his senior season for the Wildcats. Look for Miller to make a push to be one of the top players in the 9th region this season.

Dallas Rufus, Waggener – Among the best candidates for a breakout season, Rufus is going to need to be able to score the ball if Waggener has any chance of making a push to Rupp Arena this season. He had a great scoring summer for the Louisville Legends.

Malachi Corley, Campbellsville – Malachi is known more for his abilities on the football field but his is a strong scoring guard on the court. Corley is at his best when he can bully his way to the rim. Look for him to average close to 20 points per game this season.

Zion Harmon, Marshall County – If Harmon is eligible to play this year, he will likely be among the highest scorers in the state after leading the state in scoring last season. Marshall plays much slower than what Zion is used to so his averages may drop.

Kelly Niece, Simon Kenton – Kelly should see his numbers go up this season as he will have to shoulder more of the scoring load after Zach Kelch moved on to the Naval Academy. Niece ended last season with 37 points against Gallatin County an should average in the 20s this season.

Kale Gaither, Union County – Gaither is little on the smaller side but he is very crafty and knows how to get to the rim and score on about anyone. Kale is improving as a scorer and will be relied on to put up numbers every night for a Union County team that is light on talent.

Jaz Johnson, Wolfe County – Jaz is going to score a ton of points at Wolfe County over the next 3 seasons. With Deven Stone graduated, Johnson should get the lion’s share of the shots at Wolfe in the wide open system they play.