Posted On: 10/31/18 6:00 AM

DePaul Prep 2021 center Brian Mathews might be the least talked about big man in this class that has a chance to be a D1 player.  He has consistently improved every time we have seen him.  At 6’8” he has quality size already heading into his sophomore season.  Strong body as he has added strength over the last year.  He is a quality area rebounder that snatches them with his long arms.  Scores several buckets a game on offensive rebound put backs.  Soft hands around the hoop catching quick passes which he finishes.  Can block a shot on occasion.  A lot of skill potential here.  Next step will be improving his all-around athleticism.

Matthews discussed his development as a player this past summer.

“It went pretty good.  I developed a shot more.  I started to handle the ball some.  My post moves got better.  I got way more comfortable.”

How would  he describe what he likes to do on the floor?

“I really do like the post, but I shoot the ball a lot.  If a big guy is guarding me in the post I can come out of the paint and shoot a little bit.”

He chatted with us about his role on DePaul Prep this upcoming season.

“Playing next to Pavle (Pantovic).  If he needs a sub I can come in.”

How is the squad looking heading into the upcoming high school season?

“It is looking amazing.  We have a lot of good shooters.  Nobody is really ball hogs and we pass the ball around.”

Mathews is currently the #23 overall prospect and #2 center in 2021.