Posted On: 10/27/18 8:01 PM

We are less than a month and a week away from the start of another regular season in the state of Ohio. And with all due respect to football, and I do mean all due respect, it will be good to see the players back on the hardwood. But not all players will be back with their programs from last season, because as you know as a new season rolls around you see familiar faces in new uniforms. While all of the names on this list are impact performers, will that impact be felt come playoff time with the change in the transfer rules by the OHSAA member schools? Here are the Old Faces in New Places for the 2018-19 season.


DeAirius Barker 6’0, G/ NCH to Princeton (2020)- Another talented guard to throw in into the mix for Coach Wright. Barker is comfortable with and without the ball and has one of the better mid-range games in the city. And at the 250 Expo he also showed that he can be a facilitator/play-maker as well. Add him in with Kaleb Crawford (2020 PHO #112) and Khalil Davis (2020 PHO #93) and you have one of the better 3-guard rotations in the city.


Tahj Harding 6’4 F/ Newport (KY) to Princeton (2019)- Coming across the Ohio River, Harding is being talked about already as one of the best players in the city. 1st featured in PHO back in July, Tahj does most of his damage from the free-throw line on down and he will be one the best offensive rebounders in the city. He will be in the running for Greater Miami Conference POY.


Cameron Harris 6’7 F/ Finneytown to NCH (2019 PHO #123)- This is a transfer that not many people are talking about, but the fans of North College Hill will definitely enjoy watching. With length for days and good hands, Harris ability to rebound and score around the bucket will be a much-needed boost for the Trojans. It should also help Cameron that he will finally play for a program with a winning culture.


Elijah Housley 6’2 G-F/ Northwest to Taft (2019)- Another transfer that may not get a lot of attention, but the Senator fans will appreciate Elijah style of play. While playing mostly in the post at Northwest, Housley the ability to create offense from the perimeter over the summer, doing most of his damage getting to the rim and in the mid-range area. He also does not mind mixing it up and doing the little things while getting after it on the defensive end.


Greg Phelia 6’2 G/ Roger Bacon to Walnut Hills (2019)- Coach Ricardo Hill always seems to get the most out of his guards, and if he does with Phelia it could be a breakout season. Slick, crafty handle with a nice mid-range game is part of the package that Greg has. His offense will be needed with the graduation of one of the best scorers in the state Kameron Gibson (Western Carolina).


Nekhi Smith 6’6 F/ Shroder to Taft (2020 PHO #17)- Big time transfer that cemented Taft as the beat team on paper in the CMAC. Smith has seen his stock rise in a major way over the last year, showing more explosion around the rim and improvement in his dribble drive game. But it still his ability to shoot the basketball, with range extending out beyond the three- point line, that is his best asset. Smith received his 1st D-I offer this month from Detroit Mercy.


Gregory Stewart 6’2 G-W/ St. Bernard to Aiken (2020 PHO #166)- The Falcons immediately got better defensively with the addition of Stewart. So much so that he will most likely get the nightly task of guarding the other team’s best scorer. But he will also help on the offensive end, as an additional ball-handler along with using his ability to attack the rim. His skill set should pair well with that of G Jakada Stone (2021 PHO #30) and G D’Arris Dean (2019 PHO #187).


Aaron Ward 6’6 F/ Princeton to Winton Woods (2020 PHO #42)- This transfer could catapult the Warriors season from good to very good. Ward is at his best scoring from the mid-range in the half-court, in transition and on the offensive boards. He in a pick and roll situation with G Greg Tribble (2019 PHO #9) should be fun to watch throughout the season. Coach Andre Tate has a lot of talent to work with in his first season.


Kaden Warner 5’11 PG/ NCH to Gamble Montessori (2021 PHO #45)- Profiled often during the off-season here on PHO, Warner immediately becomes “The Man” for the Gators. Throughout the summer, including at the Top 250 Expo, Kaden has showed an improved mid-range game along with a better IQ/understanding of the game. He is one of the main reason’s hopes are so high for Coach Berdo Allen and his squad.