Posted On: 10/16/18 11:21 AM

Costa Mesa, Ca. — The Hoops By Ugland Beach Jam Showcase at Vanguard University featured 70 high school basketball players in a class-by-class game setting.

The combined freshman and sophomore game proved to be the most exciting of the day, a sudden death overtime game that was decided, anticlimactically, by a foul and free throw by Santa Margarita sophomore guard Selah Robins.

The junior class game was another close one, with the team coached by Santa Margarita assistant Wolfgang Wood defeating Fountain Valley assistant AJ Gasporra’s team, 74-69. The senior class contest was the most lopsided of the three, as team Wood dominated its way to a 83-63 victory.

Here are the class of 2019 standouts from Saturday’s action:

Christian James, St. John Bosco

James’ performance Saturday, along with his consistency as a player over the last couple of seasons with the Braves, added up to his first scholarship offer from the host school, Vanguard University. The 6-foot-3 guard as hitting 3-pointers with consistency in the first half and certainly had his high IQ passing and game-managing abilities on display.

Makiah Morris, Vista

Morris connected on four 3-pointers in leading his team to a winning effort. The 6-foot-1 guard scored 20 points overall and was the catalyst in creating separation from the opponent early. Morris is a tough-minded player who continues to improve his ball skills, which has resulted in an increased ability to create for himself and teammates off the dribble.

Torrey Pines forward Travis Snider was one of the more skilled big men in the event.

Travis Snider, Torrey Pines

Snider was the most skilled big man in the 2019 game. At 6-feet-6, he possesses good post and mid-post footwork to go along with a variety of ball and shot fakes to keep defenders off-balance and guessing. Snider has soft touch around the basket, a variety of finesse finishing moves and can stretch the floor out to 15-feet.

Ronnie Latting, Mission Bay

There was one point where Latting caught a pass about 17-feet away from the basket, put his head down, drove to the rim for a one-handed dunk, and all defenders scattered and parted like the Red Sea. At 6-feet-6 and a burly 215 pounds, few in that game were able to keep Latting from scoring in the paint and off of the offensive glass. He finished with a double-double in points and rebounds.

Andre Scott, Mission Bay

Scott brought his defensive straps with him to the event and caused problems for a handful of guards on the perimeter. The 6-foot-1 combo guard is a bouncy athlete with good lateral and downhill speed and a quick set of hands, allowing him to pick-pocket offensive players and take it the other way for transition buckets.