Posted On: 10/16/18 10:35 AM

This past Saturday, Hoop Group invaded Park School as a part of their exposure tour for the fall. There was a ton of talent and competition present throughout the course of the five-hour camp, but for this particular article, we’ll look at the prospects from the Baltimore area that stood out.

Terrance Butler Jr. | 6’5 | ’20 Overlea

Butler has been a prospect that I’ve been trying to get my eyes on for some time now. Saturday when I realized he would take part in the camp, I had pretty high expectations based off of what I’ve heard from other people and he didn’t disappoint. The 6-foot-5 wing is a bull on the basketball floor who plays extremely hard. He has great size and utilizes it well on drives to the basket, boxing out defensively and keeping his man in front. Butler scored efficiently from all three levels and in the drills portion of camp, had a couple of poster dunks. What was most impressive about his game was his leadership and communication even in a camp setting. When I caught up with Butler after a game, he said that’s an area of focus for him for the upcoming season and by my estimations, he’s doing a great job at it.

Drew Green | 6’3 | ’19 McDonogh

Green has been a constant standout at Hoop Group events and this past weekend was no different. The 6-foot-3 guard wowed the parents watching on the sidelines with a few high-flying finishes and continues to show progression on his jumper. He wasn’t as aggressive defensively as usual, but still found himself intercepting lazy passes that led to easy points for his team.

Cesar Tchilombo | 6’8 | ’22 John Carroll

Get used to seeing Tchilombo’s name in my write-ups because I can easily say that he will be a big-time prospect in the next year or two. The 6-foot-8 forward from Congo is extremely long and mobile. He showed potential to be an elite shot-blocker for the Patriots this season, while also displaying ability to roll hard off of ball screens, catch the ball consistently and finish over the rim with strength. Tchilombo is still making adjustments to the American style of play, but he will certainly is a prospect with a very high ceiling.

Jaiden Jakubowski | 5’11 | ’21 John Carroll

Another player to watch for the Patriots will be Jakubowski. The 5-foot-11 guard in an elite shooter from the outside and is the type of player that needs to be accounted for at all times. He played and shot it well Saturday. While breaking down his game I noticed one main aspect that really intrigued me and it was the fact that he doesn’t waste dribbles. He has average handles, but Jakubowski is very efficient with how he uses them. He moves well off the ball and finds open windows to free himself up for shots. If the shot isn’t there, he’s looking to swing it and force the defense to rotate. Kind of like how Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors makes his money. There will be times where he will score 25 points on 5 or less total dribbles. I could see Jakubowski having some nice scoring games with very minimal dribbling.