Posted On: 10/17/18 7:44 AM

Riverside HS Wing Avion Pinner: Each time we see him play, he gets better and it seems as if excels when he is matched up with better players. A nice skillset to go along with his 6’4 height, Pinner is a player that we feel could very well develop nicely and become the next big thing out of Riverside HS.

Far East Elite SF Abraham Driver: He is what we would define as a ‘‘glue guy’’, ‘‘junk yard dog’’, or whatever term you would want to use. He plays the game in a physical manner and makes the plays that often get overlooked by everyone, rebounding was one of the area that we were impressed with him as he really got after it.

Mount Pleasant HS Forward Shane Fernald: One of the more intriguing prospects that we saw throughout the day, this young man showed plenty of flashes of how good he can possibly be. He has good height at 6’6-6’7 to go along with a nice skillset and he can be very efficient when he keeps the game simple. The times he played too fast where the times that he turned the ball over but when he slowed down and allowed the game to come to him, he made good passes, timely buckets and was very impressive.

Chapel Hill HS F/C Kendall Campbell: Nice size and upside, he already is 6’6 with a frame that seem like it can be developed into a college body early on. He didn’t try to do anything outside of what he was comfortable with and show some moments of how good he can be.

Scott HS Forward Braxton Dolin: Another player that we saw score on all three levels and was a pretty high percentage player throughout the day. It didn’t matter if it was off the catch or off the dribble, he scored the ball on a regular basis, making the most out of each opportunity. He is what we would call a crafty finisher, he finds way finish plays even when it seems like there is not much space to do so.

(Team Forte) John Jackson: Good energy, high motor player, one of the more unselfish and team oriented players that we saw throughout the day. Dove for loose balls, didn’t mind take a charge, did all the small things for his team.