Posted On: 10/16/18 5:02 AM

Berea HS Guard Savion Brown: One of the smaller players in the building, he proved that he can be productive against taller and older opponents. He has a crafty type of game and used his quickness to get out into transition and make plays.

Grays Collegiate Guard Samaad Wright: One of the better defenders around the rim that we saw throughout the day. The guard found ways to score over, under and around much taller defenders when he attacked the basket.

High Point Christian Guard Zane Claude: Another player that was small in height but showed some flashes of brilliance and potential. He knocked down some shots from three point land and made some nice passes in the half-court setting.

Atlantic Celtics Guard Tre Donaldson: The nickname that I would have to give him is ‘‘Instant offense’’, he stepped right on the floor and made plays. He can score the ball from multiple levels but probably the most impressive attribute was how well he rebounded the ball from the guard spot. If official stats were kept, there would be no doubt in my mind that he finished the game with a double/double.

Kings Mountain HS Guard Isaiah Tate: In camp settings, it can be difficult for players who play off the ball to be productive. However he made the most out of each opportunity that he had, knocking down a very high percentage of three point shots.

Trinity Christian Guard Cam Oates: Special talent without a doubt, he’s quick, craft, athletic and will only get better as he is battling older guards every day at Trinity. Gets good lift on his shot and is a tough player to try and defend when he comes at you with a head of steam, one to keep a close eye on.

Leesville Road Center Wesley Johnson: He may have been the tallest player that was in the building, he has nice upside and we feel as though he will only get better with time. One attribute that we liked about him was that he runs the floor, even though the guards pushed the paced at very high tempo, he found ways to keep up.