Posted On: 10/25/18 12:34 PM

Brent Gill- Brent is a very good off the dribble shooter. Coming up the court he looks to look his defender off as If he is going to make a pass and instead pulls up from deep. Because defenders know he can shoot the usually fall for his very good ball fakes that in return free up space. Brent also has a good frame that helps him body defenders with his step back or side step. Out of the triple threat pose Brent is dangerous with a variety of rip throughs and spins,  he free’s himself up to get into that smooth jumper.


Kobe Harris- Kobe has a very good catch and shoot shot. From 25 feet and in his shot is pretty polished and does not change. Also a very good slasher, he cuts behind the defense to get his easy layups. Always on the move Kobe free’s himself up keeping his defenders head on a swivel. Also showing some athletic ability he showed some very creative finishes. Kobe has a great build and looks like he is still growing a very good prospect to keep and eye out for.

Collin Fenner- Collin is a very active player who can do a little of everything. Being in the right place at the right time helps. Collin runs the court very well getting to his spots and keeping his hands ready, not only does he run the floor well but rebounds extremely well for a guard. Coming off of down screens he uses great footwork to get up a high percentage shot. After grabbing a defensive rebound he also will push straight the the freethrow line and pull. Very good IQ for a young player , amazing motor.