Posted On: 10/5/18 2:07 PM

Here are four more things that caught our eye at the Oklahoma Top 250 on Sunday, continuing from our earlier post:

1.) Bigs getting craftier

The trickle-down of the NBA model of big men is becoming more apparent at the high school level. We saw this at the Oklahoma Top 250. Theran Smith (2019 Byng) had himself an impressive day and exemplified the changing of the guard with his crafty spin moves and transition mid-range pull-ups. Joshua Robinson (2019 Norman North; picture above) also was able to do some impressive things you might not expect a 6-foot-6 guy to accomplish. Robinson’s ability to handle the ball and make great passes in transition were not necessarily expected, but his speed was possibly the biggest eye-catcher of all.

2.) Rural Oklahoma was well-represented

For many people, basketball outside of the Tulsa and OKC metros is considered second-rate or irrelevant. Guys from across the state came to prove that theory wrong. Smith, Jaxson Robinson (2021 Ada wing), Deyton Jackson (2019 Seminole guard), and Nathan Jarel (2020 Elk City guard) were among some of the guys that played into this. All of these players can score and handle their respective roles on the floor with talents from across the state. 

3.) Buy into Christian Cook

Christian Cook (2020 Midwest City guard/wing) has had nothing short of a pretty amazing last few weeks. He was named the Top Shooter at the Reynolds Fall League just a week ago. He made sure to capitalize on his stock by displaying – maybe even showing off, at times – what he can do on the floor. Cook’s impact on the floor goes further than just his big dunks, his handle-work, or his long ball. Cook has a high motor and works hard, elevating the play of other players on the floor with him. He isn’t lazy on the defensive end of the floor; he works hard to get steals, block shots, or anything in between. Cook will be player to look for this winter for the Bombers.

4.) Monroe Darragh-Harris is better than you probably realize.

All eyes may not be on Monroe Darragh-Harris (2019 Southmoore guard); but trust me when I say you’re going to want to get eyes on this guy in his senior season. Darragh-Harris is a six-foot-tall guard who can shoot with the best of the best and is fast as anybody on the floor. His craftiness going up to the rim is pretty impressive. His sharpness pulling up off the dribble from deep is uncanny. He is primed to have a spectacular showing in the 2018-2019 season.