Posted On: 10/11/18 7:34 PM

 Five Pt. Guards and Three Bigs

             Five Lead Guards

Sean East, 6-3 170, 1G, Combine Academy CLT Black, Lincolnton, NC

This lefty is very smooth and very quick. His handle is excellent and though he probably goes left, two out of three times, he effectively gets into the lane, with positive results. He passes really well, plus his shot is good and he defends really well.

Dakari Johnson, 6-0 175, 1G, Washington Academy, Greenville, NC – (Pictured Above)
After a solid high school career and being under-appreciated by recruiters, Dakari decided to prep and that move should pay dividends. He has good speed, strength and a very solid handle and passing ability to match. He also has a solid stroke to the arc.

DJ Williams

DJ Williams, 6-1 175, 1G, Prep, Washington Academy, Greenville, NC
This lefty is a very solid 1G and a very good athlete. His handle is good and he’s a solid shooter. He’s a very good defender.
He’s also an excellent student.

Tony Epps

Tony Epps, 6-2 175, 1G, Carolina Basketball Academy, Elizabeth City, NC
He’s a tough nosed 1G, with quickness, a good handle and good strength. He gets into the lane and he makes plays well. He shoots it well from mid-range and he’s a relentless, pressure defenders his feet well. 

Ray Ward

Ray Ward, 5-11 180, 1G, Prep, Carolina Basketball Academy, Elizabeth City, 
He’s a very fast and also a very strong 1G, with solid handles and a good stroke. He excels in up-tempo and he’s a relentless, pressure defender.

            Three Bigs

Azubuike Nwankwo, 7-0 240, C, Mt. Zion, MD, Prep
He’s a big dude. His primary asset, right now, is his shot-blocking ability. Offensively, his footwork is coming around. It’s a matter of getting lower and more on the balls of his feet, for better turns, rather than shooting across his body.

Tyrek Williams, 6-8 250, C, Prep, Combine Academy, Lincolnton, NC
He posts up really well on the low blocks. He gets low and spreads his feet well. His turns are good and he has good touch. He’s an ‘old school” low post guy. He can step out and hit from 16 feet also. He needs better conditioning, but that should come. He has good focus and intensity.

Mobolaji Adesoga

Mobolaji Adesoga, 6-8 240, Prep, CBA, Elizabeth City, NC
In country, since 2012, he is a work in progress, but he is a worker, with a good attitude. He posts well on the low blocks and his footwork is good, though a bit mechanical. He actually needs to slow, or actually stop, at times, after his footwork and give a head fake, before going up. His form is good on his jump hooks and he doesn’t fade away.