Posted On: 10/8/18 6:39 PM

Transfers are inevitable in the basketball world, some schools offer open-enrollment, some families move completely and align them to new districts. Here’s a short but impactful list of high school basketball transfers in the Wichita area.

Disclaimer: Many of these have major implications, you may want to be sitting down if you are out of the loop.

Jackie Johnson III (2021) to Southeast HS

This is definitely the transfer that has the largest impact. Jackie did not finish the year with Wichita North and started attending Southeast HS last school year.

Jackie looks to fill the shoes of Israel Barnes who graduated and moved onto Weber State leaving Southeast with a superstar role to be filled.

Jackie is a national prospect who provides offense in limitless ways. He can create his own shot very well, gets in the lane effortlessly with his quickness and speed, and can finish around bigger players at the rim.

He operates best with the ball in his hand with a playing style similar to James Harden but can and will share the ball as Southeast will have weapons around him.

Shawn Warrior (2020) to Campus HS

Campus is an open-enrollment school giving Shawn the ability to attend and be eligible to play athletics immediately. While it is rumored that his departure was partly because of Jackie Johnson’s arrival, that remains to be debated in local circles.

While Jackie and Shawn would have been an incredible duo, Shawn brings immediate productivity to Campus as he is a high level slasher who can score in transition or in a halfcourt set.

The 6’4’’ athletic wing had a great summer with Kansas Pray and Play and got some really good exposure after a solid season at Southeast as a sophomore. He really helped ease the transition without Israel Barnes as he battles injuries the entire 17-18 season.

Corey Anderson (2019) to Wichita Heights HS

Corey Anderson was the primary source of offense last year at Wichita West HS on a team that struggled greatly in the 17-18 season.

Corey has made the decision to transfer to the local powerhouse, Heights, in hopes of elevating his stock further for a career at the next level.

The 6’2’’ guard adds value from behind the arc, as a good catch and shoot option and is comfortable handling the ball and getting to the rim from the midrange area.

Coming into a top program going to Heights, it will be interesting to see how well he gels with the current team and what role he will take on in his senior season.

Josh Osborn (2019) back to Derby HS

Josh is headed back to Derby after departing following after his freshman year, he is most recently coming from Parkers Chapel HS in Arkansas.

He played this summer with All-Arkansas Red, one of the top if not the top AAU program in Arkansas and is getting Division I looks right now.

Standing at 6’10’’, Josh moves well for his size, has great hands, and is a solid rim protector that will give opponents playing Derby a different look.

This is great news for Derby after graduating a 2018 class with tons of firepower and production. Will be exciting to watch!

Cavion Williams to Wichita West HS

Cavion will play with West this year who is in need of some offensive firepower with the departure of Corey Anderson.

Cavion will be the best shooter from behind the arc for West and be able to step in and lead the rebuilt team at West in Coach Tommy Brumbelow’s first season.

Playing with River City this summer, Cavion is a competitor and makes plays happen with his motor.

He will be a big part of West’s success if they are to rally this year and compete in the City league.

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