Posted On: 10/26/18 2:58 PM

Kendale Johnson – GW – 2021

Kendale is a big-time player that will surely be the most improved players in the state and one of the best big men in not only the conference but state. For an underclassman the game just seems to come to him. He is an ultimate competitor that uses his size and athleticism to separate himself. He can drive and is best attacking the basket, he finishes in the paint and causes a mismatch down low as he is strong enough to get an easy basket on smaller defenders but too quick for the bigger guys. This will be his coming out year and he will make his mark early.

Logan Cecil – TJ – 2019

Logan had a very impressive off-season. He is one of the best back to the basket big men and has the advantage over others due to pure size, but he also has the skills to go along with it. He has soft touch around the rim and has an improved mid-range game. Logan will have to be the inside force for a Spartans team that could make a push in the conference with good overall play. The Spartans have good guard play they will just need an inside presence and with the improvements in Logan’s game he will have to provide it.

Ryan Cecil – TJ — 2019

Ryan is a bruiser who runs the floor well. He has good footwork and attacks the basket. He keeps the ball high and is a hustle player that plays his role well. He gets the job done on the defensive end of the floor and that opens things up. He is a big man that can switch out on the smaller defender for a few seconds and make things tough, he battles inside and sets good screens and I expect him to be used more in the pick and roll.

James Felton – Lincoln – 2019

James is an elite athlete that’s athleticism makes things easy for not only himself but his team. He provides plenty of second chance points, he attacks the rebounds, he alters shots at the basket and impacts the games with naturally born talent. He is also working on the intangibles and making improvements on offensive skillsets that will have him playing at the next level. He gets inside the lane and finishes with either a lay-up or dunk, he runs the passing lanes and catches the oop and is also showing improvement from last season on his footwork which will surely open up new parts of his game not yet explored. He is raw but has the tools to be great. Each year he has improved and now heading into senior season is when he will have to put it all on display. It seems he has put a lot on himself in the offseason—just time to show it off.

Kwaheem Brown – Lincoln — 2020

Kwaheem is one of the state’s most versatile players. He is a big man that can play on the wing. He has shown improvement and confidence in his jump shot, he attacks the rim and is one of the state’s best finishers and is ready for a big junior season. Lincoln will be much improved this year and with another year under their belt should be able to put it all together. With Brown making his impact on both ends of the floor and being a player that the offense can go to in isolation baskets but also go get his own this should be a free flowing and very interesting team. Lincoln will be a must watch team as Kwaheem isn’t afraid to go down the lane and attempt to dunk it with a defender in front of him or get creative for a dunk in the open court. This year will determine what type of player Kwaheem is and with a good year under his built he should get some college attention.