Posted On: 10/7/18 7:19 PM

The Top 250 Expos is a great experience for both under and upperclassmen to get exposure from college coaches and get to play against players they might not get a chance to during the season. Below, we’ll highlight some of the experienced talents from the juniors and seniors we saw at the Elmen Center.


Dawson Paulsen 6’3 Rapid City Stevens – 2019

After a great grassroots season with South Dakota Venom, Paulsen looks to have his best years yet. He will have a new face in Dylan Pourier who will be able to help with the scoring load. Paulsen has great communication on defense. I was on the other side of the gym and I was able to hear him call out screens. He also communicated very well off the screens calling out if he was helping off screens, and if you should go over or under the screen. His shot is silky smooth and would be highly dangerous on a pick and pop from the top of the key. 

Dylan Pourier  6’0 Rapid City Stevens – 2019

Pourier comes to RC Stevens after averaging 12 points at Douglas last season. He will join up with Paulsen as well which will make Stevens even more dangerous next season. He has an explosive first step that allows him to make strong drives to the basket and most importantly is able to finish strong against contact. On defense, he was obnoxious to the opposing team, used his quickness to get his hand in the passing lanes. 

Mason Ritter 6’3 Tea Area – 2019

Ritter has been a part of the great Tea Area teams the past two years. He has been a solid role player for the Titans off the bench and brings in the ability to score as well. On Sunday, Ritter was an absolute pest on the defensive side of the ball, he was always up waiting for the ball handler to bring the ball up. He would sometimes linger after the opposing team would get a rebound and try to jump into the outlet’s passing lanes. On offensive, he has the ability to get to the basket as well as spotting up from deep to drain a kick out three. 

Gabe Person Sioux Falls Washington – 2019

Person is a 6’2 guard from Sioux Falls Washington who has an explosive first step on the offensive side which allows him to break down his defender and penetrate the middle of the offense. He can use either his left or right hand while finishing which is crucial in a game to shield the defender. He crashes the board hard from the outside on offense and gets the ball out quick on the fast break.

Gavin Schipper 6’3 Sioux Falls Christian – 2019

Schipper is a solid player from all aspects of the game, he has been a part of the dominant SFC teams that have had a couple undefeated regular seasons. He was a part of a team last year that all averaged about the same a game so it was tough for a team to key in on one person. This year he will get to showcase his play more just like he did at the Elmen Center. His basketball IQ is high, sees the floor well, has a silky smooth jumper and then can take it to the hole and finish strong. He’s a good communicator on the defensive side of the ball which is key to a successful defense. 

Ryland Garland 6’0 Rapid City Sturgis – 2019

Garland competed with some of the top guards in South Dakota on Sacred Hoops this 17u season consistently providing toughness and a touch in the backcourt.  His shot is a deadly one for defenders to close out on. If you close out tight to contest the shot he will pump fake and use his strong dribble drive ball handling skills to get to the rim and finish strong. He’s also a phenomenal passer, sees the floor well when he’s picking apart the defense off the dribble and keeps his head up looking for that cutter or better shot. 

Kobe Busch 6’5 Huron – 2020

Busch is going to be one of the top 2020 prospects in his class. He came out strong at the Expo and didn’t let up the whole day. Just watching him you can tell his eyes are always up while having the ball in his hands. He’s very athletic and can jump out of the building and put that on display during warmups throwing down some dunks and on a fast break swatting a layup. He uses his tall frame inside nicely and then steps out and easily hits mid-range and deep balls. 

Grayson Haman 6’2 2020

He is a high energy player that crashes the offensive boards and then goes back up and finishes in contact. He has a sweet shot that helps pull the defense out towards him. He was definitely an eye-catcher at the Expo when his team was playing. 

Wilson Harshbourger 6’8 2020

At 6’8 Harshbourger was one of the tallest players at the Expo and he didn’t disappoint either. He is athletic for being that tall and will dribble drive to the hole and try to lay it up. He is a strong rebounder who chins it and gives a great outlet pass to get the run started. He also has a nice jumper that defenders can’t sag off of in the mid-range area.