Posted On: 10/12/18 7:19 PM

Kade Moffitt 2021 SF O’Gorman

Moffitt wasn’t afraid to step up and hit the deep ball under pressure. He was very confident at the Expo. His ability to spread the defense out and knock down jumpers consistently will definitely come in handy these next years. 

Kobe Busch 2020 Huron 

Busch was one of the best players at the Expo. His size and athleticism made it extremely hard to guard. Then you throw in the fact that his shot is textbook it makes it even hard for defenders to play him. 

Dawson Paulson 2019 RC Stevens

Paulson has done a lot of work in the offseason on his own and with the South Dakota Venom. He has really been improving his game year after year and if the expo proved anything than this year won’t be any different. His ability to create a shot and make spot up shots consistently is a huge plus and area colleges should be aware of this kid. 

Gavin Schipper 2019 SFC

Schipper was a part of a Sioux Falls Christian team last year that had five starters that could all go off and score at any given moment. Schipper was one of those five guys. He has a patient game that allows him to find and get open spots on the field. Time after time he proves he is the real deal. 

Ryan Garland 2019 Sturgis

One of his many talents is shooting and man does he have a sweet shot. Along with his other offensive abilities, Garland is tough to guard. He is very confident with the ball and will not hesitate to take the tough shots when the team needs them.

Tanner Te Slaa 2022 Boyden-Hull

Te Slaa shocked everyone by how calm and mature he was out there on the court for being in the class of 2022. He has a big 6’3 frame that shot the ball light out at the Expo. He has a shot that is hard to block and length that goes on. If you didn’t know about this guy before make sure you do now. 

Tyson Elliot 2019 RC Stevens 

Elliott scored at all three levels and defended his tail off at the Expo. Him Dylan Pourier will make a dynamic backcourt as you’ll find in the area. One of his better levels was his shooting ability, he is a dynamic shooter that will go along great with Pourier and Paulson this next season.