Posted On: 10/12/18 7:51 PM

Tanner Te Slaa 2022 Boyden-Hull

One of the more shocking players at the Expo, Te Slaa showed great maturity that most people were shocked to find out he was only in the 2022 class. He’s got big time length and a big jumper to go along with his lights out shooting.


Jeffery Worth 2022 Tea Area 

Worth may be young but that didn’t stop him from shooting the ball at a very high efficiency at the Expo. He is a dangerous threat from deep with that stroke. Worth has been playing all year around which shows in his game. 

Garrett Kolbeck 2021 Tea Area

Kolbeck is also from Tea Area which has been unstoppable not only on the varsity level but the JV and C team levels as well. Their C team went undefeated this past season. He is locked and ready to continue that success this coming season at Tea. 


Gavin Keller 2021 Kindred High School

Keller is a 6’7 stretch forward who is silky smooth from behind the arc. He consistently knocked down jumpers. Along with his shooting abilities, he can use his height nicely around the rim as well as protecting the rim on the other side of the floor. 

Andrew Walter 2022 Harrisburg

He was very shifty with his moves to get inside the lane and finish with a nice touch. He used different moves each time he was inside the lane to keep the defense off-guard. 

Angok Akot 2022 SF Washington

Akot literally has arms for days. At 6’4 he becomes a very versatile player on both sides of the ball. Along with the fact he’s still young and can improve on his already deadly play is a thing teams should watch out for. 

Luke Glanzer 2022 Lincoln

At a height that’s shorter than most players, Glanzer didn’t let that stop him from attacking the rim with conviction. He was also very active on the defensive side of the ball challenging any defender he was put up against. 

Gabe Glanzer 2021 SF Roosevelt

Glanzer has all the right intangibles of being a great player in the next couple of years. He has shown great pace, communicated well, and facilitates very nicely to the open teammates.  He draws the defense in on his dribble drives and then is great at dumping down for the big guy or kicking out for the shooters. 

Kade Moffitt 2021 SF O’Gorman

Has a pretty deadly shot that consistently goes in. Will make it hard for defenders to sag off him and should draw attention to spread the floor out for dribble drives. 

Sam Ward 2020 Vermillion

Ward got to play with one of the best guards in the state last year in A.J. Plitzuweit. Even though the team lived and died by A.J., Ward was still one of the best players on the team. He has a smooth shot that will be hard to stop this season.