Posted On: 10/7/18 8:01 PM

Kobe Busch Huron, 2020

As dominant as Busch is on the offensive side he is just as dominant on the defensive side of the ball. He uses his athletic ability and 6’5 height to make is havoc for the defender inside, outside or even on a fastbreak. During the expo, he contested a shot straight up and didn’t bring his hands down and over and on a fast break he chased down the ball handler and pinned it off the backboard. He is a tough matchup on either side for any opposing team.

Max McCulloch Milbank Area, 2020

When you talk about a hard-nosed tough defender, Max McCulloch comes to my mind. At the Expo, he flat out played HARD. He was all over the place defending in the open court on a fast break or diving on the floor for a loose ball. His jersey had blood stains on it by the end, and if that doesn’t spell out hard work than I don’t know what does. 

Dawson Paulson Rapid City Stevens, 2019

When you are on one side of the gym and can hear a player from the opposite end over the music, people talking and the other game going on then you know he is a very vocal player. That’s what Paulson brings to the table on both sides of the ball. He helped communicate his teammates through screens and helped off the screen. He helped with going over or under the screen, and on the weakside made sure his teammates knew they had help if they got beat off the dribble. 

Wilson Harshbourger Sioux Center, 2020

Harshbourger puts his 6’8 frame to good use on the defensive side. He rebounds well on both sides of the ball and it’s pretty difficult to shoot over him. He is athletic for his height as well so he can get up and down the court. He’s able to guard a ball handler better than most centers. 

Luke Glanzer Sioux Falls Lincoln, 2022

For being 5’4 Glanzer is very active on the defensive side of the ball. He has quick hands to steal the ball from the opposing team and can slip into the passing lanes as well. He is not afraid of guarding a bigger guy or bodying him up on the defensive side. 

Alex Barbot Grand Forks Central, 2021

Barbot is a scrappy defender which is a good thing for Grand Forks Central. He isn’t afraid to get in the pile for a loose ball or a rebound. He shoots the passing lane on the opposing team’s outlet passes without them seeing him. He runs the floor well and gets back to help on defense. 

Mason Ritter Tea Area, 2019

Teams in the Dak XII know that Ritter is a pest on the defensive side of the ball.  He is very annoying on the defensive side of the ball not giving his opponent any breathing room whether he has the ball or not. He frustrates several different players that he guards. He’s quick and athletic which help out a ton.