Posted On: 10/8/18 12:33 AM

Tristian Nielson 2022 Castlewood

Nielson has great court vision which is crucial to have in the sport. In the post, he was very patient looking for the open cutter or open shooter. That’s a trait a lot of shooting teams love to kick into the post to respot up for a shot. He had some nice post moves as well as stepping in the mid-range and hitting several jumpers. 

Gabe Glanzer 2021 SF Roosevelt

Glanzer has all the intangibles of being a great player in the next couple of years. He has shown great pace, communicated well, and facilitates very nicely to the open teammates.  He draws the defense in on his dribble drives and then is great at dumping down for the big guy or kicking out for the shooters. 

Tarik Iyob 2021 Osseo

Iyob displayed great passing skills throughout the day in both the half court and full court. He’s got the ability to take it to the hole and finish through contact as well as finding the better shot after the dribble drive. He is very active on offense and has great leadership skills pumping his teammates up after a steal or a big play. 

Tanner Te Slaa 2022 Boyden-Hull

Te Slaa might be one of the biggest surprises of the underclassmen’s that showed up to the Expo. He is a great combo guard that was lights out at the expo nailing shots and facilitating the ball nicely. He used his 6’3 length to high point his shot. Oh and he’s only in the 2022 class which was the most shocking. Boyden-Hull’s got a good one for the next couple of years. 

Angok Akot 2022 SF Washington 

Akot has arms for days. He is a 6’4 wing player that has a silky smooth shooting touch that few people can block. On defense, his wingspan makes it extremely hard to get off a good pass as well as trying to pass to the person he’s guard as he can easily stick out an arm and deflect the pass. 

Andrew Walter 2022 Harrisburg

Walter is a 6’2 guard who did a very nice job of using the dribble drive to get inside the lane. Each time he did he used a variety of floaters and different finishes at the rim. If he can take his man off the dribble every time and score like that he will be a deadly asset for Harrisburg. 

Gavin Keller 2021 Kindred High School

Keller is a 6’7 stretch forward that has a smooth shot from deep. He was able to receive a pass out on the arc and calmly pull up and hit jumpers with ease. He consistently knocked down jumpers from all over the court at the expo last weekend. He’s a dual threat with his height and ability to consistently hit jumpers.