Posted On: 10/24/18 2:37 PM

Isaiah Baptista 2022 Kimbell High School – Isaiah is a very crafty guard that plays with great confidence. Commanding the lead guard position he looks to keep his teammates involved. Being a very good threat from the outside he uses different fakes to get defenders off their feet. With a good build and a nice stop and go handle, Isaiah has a bright future at the lead guard spot.


Teand Indalecio 2022 Inderkum High- Teand is a very young guard only 14, but gets in their with the big boys. Because of his size Teand uses very good speed and a quick strong handle to blow by defenders. When around the tree’s in the paint he uses floaters and his body to draw fouls and keep defenders away. With an already Lethal long range shot, he keeps defenders on the move throwing beautiful passes to waiting teammates , usually always ending an assist for him.


Jake Overbay 2022 Lincoln High -Jake had one of the best IQ’s at camp. With a strong stroke , Jake made 30 footers very consistently. When coming of screens he kept defenders behind him and used his body to get to where he wanted to. Jake is a very good player coming down hill, makes a quick move and drops it off to a teammate. One of the few young players who moved very well without the ball.


Tyler Amores 2022 Lincoln High- Tyler is a very good flashy guard who is a play maker. His game has a variety of levels. Tyler is able to shoot and when not shooting, set good screens to get his teammates open. With a good motor, Tyler is everywhere on defense which leads to more points and play making opportunities for him. His handle reminds me of John Wall the way he uses stop in go. Had a very good showing at the All Nor Cal Get Right Camp.