Posted On: 10/5/18 9:42 AM

With the high school season just around the corner it’s time for us to take a look as some of the conferences across the state. We are taking a look at one of the toughest conferences in the state, the Centennial league. This is one of the best conferences when it comes to guard play and here are some of the top guards in the conference.  

Kenny Foster – Smoky Hill – Class of 2019

What really is there to say about Kenny that hasn’t already been said. He is the top dog in the state and that isn’t changing any time soon. He is a prolific scorer that gets it done from the perimeter, from mid-range and from beyond the arc, He is a player that is dangerous with the ball in his hands and he makes the right plays. He plays every position on the team besides center and is a mismatch almost every night out. He forces the double team often and makes the other team pay. This will be a season I think he can average about 20 or more points a game and he will be the favorite for Mr. Basketball. Smoky Hill will truly go as far as he allows them and with that comes big expectations that he has shown that he is ready for since his freshman season. Kenny is my pick for Mr. Basketball this year and with wins, no reason he shouldn’t bring it in, a state championship is what he says the goal is. 

Aaron Bokol – Eaglecrest – Class of 2019

Aaron is a consistent scorer that changes the game in multiple ways. He can shoot, he can score, he can defend but one of the underrated qualities is the way that he rebounds, specifically on the offensive boards. Offensive rebounding shows that he is involved and trying to make a play and with his game, he is improving in every way. He can also extend the defense with his outside shot and typically has one of the bigger defenders on his which creates a mismatch as he’s able to break a defender down for a basket. He finishes well at the rim with either hand and messes up the defense when he gets inside. With more work on his jump shot and Aaron will be one of the more difficult players to guard in the conference. 

Kenneth Norman – Grandview – Class of 2019

Kenneth was a player that didn’t play too much last year with a small sample size but got his feet wet and picked it up this offseason and played exceptionally well in AAU. He played so well that he’ll be continuing his career at Nebraska Wesleyan. He isn’t a player that wows you with elite athleticism or scoring in bunches but he does all of the little things a coach likes. He is aggressive on the boards and that may be his strongest suit, doesn’t give up on plays, dives for loose balls and takes charges and he can alter plenty of shots. He is a player to watch closely as he will be tasked with more for Grandview as they attempt to repeat. Kenneth will be one of the most intriguing players to follow this upcoming season.  

Stephen Hayes – Overland – Class of 2020

Stephen is a player that competes on every single possession and brings the best out of his teammates. He’s an ultimate competitor and gives it his all and is showing progression from each season. This will be his best season yet as he will have to do a lot more as the Trailblazers will have to put the ball in the basket. They’re missing their top two scorers from last season and Stephen was a part of the team last year and will have to do a ton more if they want to have an even better season than last. He is a two-way player that can score when needed but he makes sure that he gets it done on the defensive end as well. He is a versatile defender that is quick enough to guard smaller guys and strong enough to compete with bigs. Progression will be key for Hayes this year.

Thurbil Bile – Eaglecrest – Class of 2019

Thurbil isn’t an explosive scorer and doesn’t look to shoot much but he does all of the small intangibles. He hustles, he is versatile and is one of the best rebounders in the state for his size. Last year’s season and AAU was two different stories, but he showed the same hustle and passion for the game. He is one of those players that knows where to be on the court and rebounds better than most big men. He sets great screens and excels in the pick and roll and will be a player that the team has to go through and expect big things from as he will be a player that must stay on the court for the team to be successful. Opening up his offensive game will be key.

Carter Sturgeon – Arapahoe – Class of 2019

It’s hard to tell because the team is in the rebuilding stage right now and getting back to being a team that the state has to watch out for but Carter was pretty good last year. He is a player that can score and is dangerous with the ball in his hands. He has good size, he can handle the ball and distributes for a player on the wing. He also is aggressive on rebounds as he boxes out, gets good positioning and also can either start the fast break or get it out fast on the fast break. With consistency in the scoring department Carter can be one of the stock risers for this upcoming season as Arapahoe will surely be a team that is one of the most improved teams in the state, they just have to find a way to finish out games.