Posted On: 10/4/18 11:51 AM

With the high school season just around the corner it’s time for us to take a look as some of the conferences across the state. We are taking a look at one of the toughest conferences in the state; the Centennial league. This is one of the best conferences when it comes to guard play and here are some of the top names of the conference.  

Davon Walker – Grandview – Class of 2019

Davon is a pure point guard that can change the game in unconventional ways. He is a lefty with a smooth stroke that can score at all three levels and his ability to knock down the open shots and play off ball makes him a more dynamic player. He can alter the half court set with him knocking down mid-range jump shots and also penetrating the defense. He also hits the open man and controls the game. He is one of the top guards and the state and will continue his strong play for senior year with a chip on his shoulder as the state champion.

Quentin Rock – Smoky Hill – Class of 2020

Rock is extremely poised for a player still not even a senior. His feel for the game is beyond his age and that maturity has been shown for a successful career. He runs the offense steadily, pushes the ball in transition, is extremely calm and applies pressure to guards defending him. He is not only one of the best guards in the state but one of the best shooters and is quick enough to blow by his defender and finish at the rim as well. He plays great defense and is an all-around player and this junior year will most likely be a career year for him. Look for Quentin to lead the way for a Smoky Hill squad that has high expectations this upcoming season.

Sebastian Cole – Cherry Creek – Class of 2020

Sebastian is a player that plays with confidence and control well beyond his years. He is a guard that can literally do it all. He is athletic and can finish above the rim, penetrates the defense, knocks down the open shot and creates for himself and has enough moves to open things up for himself, His vision is what separates him and ability to take over a game by himself. He can single handedly take over a game and he will be asked to at times this year for Cherry Creek. Sebastian is a player that wasn’t high on my radar heading into the summer but was a player that really stood out. He is a natural leader and very competitive and that edge will set him over the top. The Bruins will ride his wave and he is a player to keep on the radar going forward and is worth going out to watch this season.

Lian Ramero – Grandview – Class of 2020

If you’ve followed some of my work for grassroots season one of the constant staples was Lian. Lian had one of the most impressive AAU season in the state as he really showcased that he just isn’t a glue player but he is go to guy that can get it done in plenty of ways. He is a swiss army knife for Grandview as he brings something different than other guys in the conference. He is one of the most versatile players and his playmaking ability is top notch. He can be a scorer, facilitator, slasher, shooter or defender. He showed that he finishes and is very dangerous in the open court and he is one of my personal most improved players in the state. Grandview will be one of the most complete teams in the state yet again and with weapons like Lian at their disposal should still be the favorites in the Centennial league.

Hezekiah Swanson – Overland – Class of 2020

Hezekiah has always been one of the state’s best perimeter defenders but now the rest of his game is starting to catch up with opportunity. Swanson is showing that he can knock down the open shot, run the fast break and his steals become easy finishes at the rim. He is also getting more comfortable with the ball in his hands. He can create and finds the open man. With a balanced team like Overland, Hezekiah won’t be asked to do too much scoring and he can be his defensive minded self but seeing the flashes he showed off this summer it will be interesting to see how it translates into season and if he can be a go to guy for the Trailblazers.