Posted On: 10/3/18 1:39 AM

Of all the players at the Oklahoma Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo, these are the guys that I found who were moving the ball productively and looking to make the extra pass.

Kasai Burton 2022 5’10 (Tishomingo)

Burton has a natural feel for the game of basketball and at just 5’10 this guard is a great facilitator. He does well with directing the floor on the fast-break and has a very dangerous bounce pass as he’s able to use it to slice through defenses.

Jediah Jones 2021 6’0 (Union)

Has a really nice handle of the ball and great court vision, which allows him to excel at generating plays off the dribble. At the Expo, he made an in-and-out move around a defender and then found the open guy for the assist. 

Cooper Gudell 2021 6’2 (Crossings Christian)

A player who always has his head up. He is highly intelligent with the ball in his hands and is great at finding the open man. During the Expo, he zipped a pass to the paint from the top of the key, to create an easy bucket for his teammate. 

Anthony Turner 2021 6’1 (Northeast Academy)

Turner was dominant in the paint at the Expo. He can score and can pass as good as any big man at the high school level. Throughout the night he was looking to find the easiest ways to score which allowed him to continuously make plays, not only for himself, but for his teammates as well.

Montez Edwards 2022 5’8 (Macarthur)

Edwards proved to be hard working and a team-first player. At the Expo, he saved a ball going out of bounds that led to a score that he assisted on with a nice bounce pass inside.