Posted On: 10/1/18 2:21 PM

Being able to play your role on any team is the first step to greatness; however, being able to play multiple roles may just be what makes you shine above the rest. From the Reynolds League in Oklahoma City last weekend, these guys were the most present in versatile roles:

CJ Rice 2019 Northwest Classen

CJ Rice was able to play an extended role at the Reynolds League. He is usually a point guard, but really is such a versatile player that he has an advantage from anywhere on the floor. His speed was present and utilized last weekend. He has well-developed fast twitch muscles and can explode out of the dribble and to the rim and is able to finish on big guys often.

Jordan McAlester 2019 Jenks

Jordan McAlester is an athlete who is destined for a break out senior season at Jenks. He is well versed in running on offense. McAlester is a bouncy, athletic guy who can explode out of the dribble and attack the rim. He has a ton of different finishing moves in his catalog and isn’t afraid to go up with the bigs.

Christian Cook 2019 Midwest City

Christian Cook was one of the top players of the whole Reynolds League. Offensively, he’s so threatening as a scorer that it’s near-impossible to really guard him. On one possession he’ll pull up from five feet behind the arch and drain it. On the next possession, he’ll catch it on the wing, pump fake, then fly by and elevate over everybody on the floor to slam it with authority.

Ethan Ganaway 2020 Midwest City

Ethan Ganaway may just look like strong guy who dunks all over everybody, but let me reassure you; he’s a strong guy who dunks all over everybody. In doing that, however, he has a few other skills that may be overlooked. First, he has pretty good handles for a mid. He can shift through traffic and is crafty enough to find his way to the rim. Second, he has great footwork, which shows up on both ends of the floor. Finally, he’s just a high-level competitor.