Posted On: 10/23/18 8:00 AM

Battle in Bullhead was this past weekend and showcased some high quality players. Here are the top shooters from the event:

Bailon Black (Ironwood 2021): All-Star Game MVP

Bailon Black was unreal this weekend. He had multiple games with 5+ threes and some of these shots were deep! A couple steps in-front of the half-court line deep. His two most notable shooting demonstrations were in the All-Star game (7-10 3FG) and the game before that (9-13 3FG). His great shooting display was enough to win him All-Star game MVP. I was overall impressed with his day but extremely impressed with the confidence he has when he shoots the ball. He shoots it with confidence and you can tell he believes each shot will go in undoubtedly. 

Aaron Rice (Ironwood 2020):

Aaron rice had a very nice day, not losing a single game in pool play. He was the main ball handler and scorer for his team. His top shooting games came in the last two games of pool play where he went 5-9 and 7-9 from deep. Rice has always been a very capable shooter but he really stepped it up this weekend. Most of his three’s come from another player driving and kicking it out to him, usually being reliant on teammates getting him open or drifting to the right spot. This weekend he was able to create his own shot with ease, walking the ball up to the line, freezing his defender and splashing a three. 

Dominic Gonzalez (Ironwood 2020): Camp MVP

Gonzalez is one of the best shooters in the state and is not a surprise that he is on the top shooters list for this event or any other event he attends. While his three point shooting was terrific, per usual, he dominated in the mid-range. Gonzalez has a very high release, long arms, and solid height. These tools make him a very deadly mid-range shooter. Dominic is also very good at using his size and strength to back down defenders and hit a turn around jumper.  

Kade Juelfs (Lee Williams 2020):

Kade got hot from three! He struggled early on in the event from deep but as the day progressed he became more and more comfortable. By the end of the day, he was one of the top three point shooters in the gym. I would say that his shot selection is a bit questionable and should pick his spots a little more carefully. Other than that, he has very good shooting mechanics and got hot in a hurry. 

Rider Havatone (Kingman 2020):

Rider came out of nowhere and got hot. He is very good at picking his shots, not shooting a single three in his first two games and then going 5-5 in game 3 and 3-5 in game 4 from deep. He is a very good shooter with great form but I really liked how he continued to take smart shots instead of forcing shots when he got hot. He is also very good at running to the open spot in transition, allowing himself to get a lot of open looks from three.