Posted On: 10/23/18 8:00 AM

Battle in Bullhead was this past weekend and showcased some high quality players. Here are the top play-makers from the event:

Bailon Black (Ironwood 2021): All-Star Game MVP

Bailon was making places left and right, all day long. Whether that was getting his own shot or getting open shots for his teammates. He scored that ball at an extremely high rate, having multiple games with 20+ point and one game with 32. He also handled any press defenses threw at him with absolute ease and hit the open man in transition.

Cenk Esinduy (Orme School 2019):

Cenk is able to get into the paint whenever he wants. This is due to his size, speed, and strength. He struggles finishing around the basket but made the proper adjustments in his game to be effective. He continued to drive with tenacity, drawing in the defense and kicked the ball out to open shooters. He had multiple games with 5+ assists all coming from this strategy. 

Chris Flores (Mohave 2020):

Chris was one of the fastest players in the event and defenses took note of him. He was able to make a lot of plays by getting into the paint and hitting the open shooters. He could have been better in pick and roll situations, especially when it comes to how quickly he is able to process what the defense is doing and making the right decision. 

Marcus Coleman (Pueblo 2022):

I was so impressed by this freshman out of Pueblo High School. He made a ton of plays in transition. He often went up and got the defensive board, turned and pushed the ball up the court with great speed, and hit his teammate running with him. He had a lot of great/highlight type passes throughout the day. Overall, really impressed by his decision making given the fact that he is a freshman. 

Alex Elum (Ironwood 2021): 

Alex struggled to score the ball, both shooting and finishing around the rim. However, he made the proper adjustments in his game to still contribute to his team. He can get into the paint with ease and kept driving strong and hit open teammates under the basket and out on the three. Very solid passer and made a lot of plays with his defense by causing turnovers.