Posted On: 10/22/18 3:38 PM

Battle in Bullhead was this past weekend and showcased some high quality players. Here are the top guards from the event:

Bailon Black (Ironwood 2021): All-Star Game MVP

Bailon was without a doubt the top guard from the entire event, virtually scoring at will. He had multiple games with 20+ points and one game with 32 points. Not only was hitting incredible scoring/shooting impressive but his ball-handling is unreal. He was able to break a press completely by himself, crossing each defender in his way. Due to Bailon’s size and length, he is also a very natural defender and rebounder, which is always a plus to have in your point guard. 

Marcus Coleman (Pueblo 2022):

Marcus Coleman had to have been the biggest stock riser of the event. He is a freshman playing against some of the top upperclassmen in the state and he more than held his own. His plays very fast and strong, never taking a single play off. He plays great perimeter defense, rebounds like an animal, and has exceptional passing vision. Very excited to see how this young man develops throughout the years. Pueblo should be in good hands with him being the future of the program. 

Aaron Rice (Ironwood 2020):

Rice typically plays the two spot and is usually a catch and shoot player. However, he was the main ball-handler for his team and performed quite nicely. He displayed his great passing ability and superb shooting. As mentioned before, he is usually a catch and shoot player but he did a great job of creating his own shot and taking it strong to the rim. 

Chris Flores (Mohave 2020):

Flores was solid all day, displaying his great speed and finishing ability. While Flores only stands at 5’7, he does not let it affect him in the slightest. He showed that he is not afraid to take it to the rim and finish with bigger defenders. He has very good touch around the rim, making him a great finisher. Flores was also solid getting past his defenders using his quick crossover and incredibly fast first step to his advantage. 

Nathan Lawsen (Kingman 2019):

I really liked Lawsen’s game all around. He stood out physically, being one of the strongest and most athletic players in the event. He was very good on defense, both in the perimeter and help side. I always appreciate when players go out of their way to communicate on defense and he definitely did that. Offensively, he was very mature. He didn’t force many shots, but was certainly capable of going and getting his own shot. He was solid from three but I like him as a pass first guard who can run a coaches offense.  

Jason Amador (Parker 2019):

Jason was one of the most mature and smart player I saw in the event. He did everything you want in a point guard, didn’t commit turnovers, was patient on offense, hit the open man, and kept the ball moving. I really liked his all around game. He could be better defensively as his IQ is a little low. He has the speed and effort necessary to be a good defender but didn’t really have the IQ to understand angles and tendencies of his match up.  

Alex Elum (Ironwood 2021):

Elum is the exact opposite of Amador when it comes to offensive/defensive strengths. Elum is a lock down defender who is not afraid of anyone. Offensively, he needs to improve as a shooter and improve his finishing ability around the rim. He was able to get to the paint any time he wanted but struggled finishing once he got there.