Jason Amador Battle in Bullhead

Posted On: 10/25/18 1:17 PM

As we continue through the accolades from the Battle in Bullhead, below are the 3rd team prospects from the event.

Battle in Bullhead: 3rd Team

Jacob Martel 6’3 PF/C 2020 Kingman

Martel provides Kingman with yet another big man who is a good athlete. Between Martel and Tucker Humble, Kingman will have one of the top frontcourts in their classification. Martel ran the floor well and cleaned up the loose balls as well as rebounds.

Kingman prospects played extremely well this weekend. It would not be surprising to see Kingman make a huge leap next season. Martel will be a huge part of that success.

Jason Amador 6’0 PG 2019 Parker

Amador was one of the most fundamentally sound guards at the event. He has a solid frame and good size as a guard. Further, he is a more than capable shooter and passer. If he is left open, it is a foregone conclusion that he is going to make the opponent pay. As far as passing is concerned, he makes good decisions with the basketball and puts the ball in spots where his teammates can be successful.

Moreover, Amador can play an array of roles. He is selfless and puts the team first. Due to his balanced game, he is capable of being a ball dominant guard as well as a catch and shoot role player.

Marcus Coleman 5’11 PG/SG 2022 Pueblo

Coleman is the only freshman featured on this list, and he was very deserving. He made the right plays and did not force. Further, in the opportunities that he got, he made the most of them. He scored the basketball well from multiple spots on the floor, and he made the right kick outs.

Despite his youth, he is well built as well. In addition to being 5’11, he is strong. In addition to doing things well on the offensive end, he competed well on the defensive end as well.

Rider Havatone 6’0 SG 2020 Kingman

Havatone was a pleasant surprise. He shot the basketball well from deep and was able to use his speed to create for himself. Havatone has decent length and demonstrated that he could be a solid guard for Kingman this upcoming season.

While Havatone was often a 2nd or 3rd scoring option on his team, he made the most of his reps and was productive throughout the day.

Jaedyn Eastman 6’2 PF/C 2019 Mohave

Eastman was within the top 5 verticals at the event. In fact, his first points at the event came off of a tip dunk. He elevated above the rim on a couple of other occasions as well. Eastman is not overly tall. However, his instincts and vertical aid him in bridging the gap.

In addition to being able to elevate above the rim, Eastman shot the basketball well from mid-range and from the foul line. While he was very productive at this event, in order to play at the next level, he will need to extend his range and transition to more of a guard role.