PrepHoopsTN / Above the Rim Gym Fall Combine Recap: Part XIV


Posted On: 10/8/18 1:43 PM


No skill is in more demand in the modern game than shooting and the two featured players below demonstrated their shooting acumen Sunday at the fall combine.

Isaac Rankhorn (2020) is a quality shooter with wonderful length on the wing.  Considering his height Rankhorn can incorporate some intriguing dribbles into the shot. 

Jabahri Mastin (2021) is a catch-and-shoot guy with a lithe frame.  Mastin will beat you with a triple if left alone and his shooting form lacks junk and hiccups.


Isaac Rankhorn 2020 Montgomery Central Wing

Montgomery Central junior starter Isaac Rankhorn is a player who can and will certainly outperform his combine performance.  Two factors contributed to his day.  

First, guards tend to be selfish in individual evaluations.  Players with Isaac’s skillset rely upon those guards for touches and when they don’t get enough touches their impact suffers.  This falls on the shoulders of the combine leadership to address.  

Secondly, and this is more Isaac’s duty, the tall sharpshooter needs to move more off the ball and create blatant defensive breakdowns in order to inspire passes his way.  Force the guards to see a flashing wide open target.  

Isaac Rankhorn is a Division One college prospect and this is plain.  Standing 6-foot-5 in shoes, the shot is the most bankable asset.  He hits with startling consistency and gives close out defenders fits.  Even if they arrive on time the release point is typically above their heads and sometimes even their standing reach.   Defenders justifiably hate jumping to block jumpshots.  So many things can and usually do go wrong when they try.

Rankhorn needs to improve his straight-line speed, so that he can finish off more fastbreaks. 

The most impressive figure posted by Isaac at the combine was his vertical leap. Isaac Rankhorn was measured at 31.5″ during his one-step vertical jump.  Just outstanding bounce for a high school junior with his shooting touch.  

Keep an eye on Isaac in the coming year.  He will justifiably be posting monster numbers with Montgomery Central High.


Jabahri Mastin 2021 Blackman Wing

Jabahri Mastin stands 6-foot-2 in shoes while weighing 138.4 pounds.  

“Mastin showed good court awareness,” said Coach George Gibson, Founder of Above the Rim Gym.  “Could knock down the open 3.”

Overall, the event featured dozens of tough slashers.  Of the shooters on hand Jabahri Mastin was one of the 20 best when left open.  His upper body form is solid.  Like most lean, tall shooters Jabahri could get more lift off the wood when he shoots. 

“Jabahri Mastin penetrated and hit the open man,” said Coach Gibson.

Coach Gibson worked on shooting drills during the drill session.  Coach Gibson emphasized dribbling into the shot and movement off the ball.  Jabahri excelled in that controlled setting.

Mastin’s hop off the floor is good and his wingspan is currently 73″.  Standing flat-footed Jabahi reaches 98″ upwards.

Mastin projects as a high school wing for Blackman High.  It is a deep program rife with quality guards, but Jabahri will challenge for varsity playing time as soon as his junior season.