Posted On: 10/5/18 2:23 PM

With the high school season just around the corner it’s time for us to take a look as some of the conferences across the state. We are taking a look at one of the toughest conferences in the state, the Centennial league. This is one of the best conferences when it comes to guard play and here are some of the top big men in the conference.  

Ike Graham – Overland – Class of 2020

Ike is a player that didn’t play too much in the high school season but when he did see the floor he was impactful. He is a big player that takes up so much space and if used properly in the pick and roll can be one of the most dominant big men in the state. He has very soft touch and can extend himself to the mid-post and hit that shot. He is a good back to the basket player mostly because he has great footwork and understands how to use his body. This is going to be his coming out year.

Dayne Prim – Grandview – Class of 2019

Dayne is one of the best players in the conference. He is a traditional big man that really takes over the game on both ends of the floor. He has great court awareness and vision which allows him to pass out of double teams, he finishes around the rim and dunks occasionally and makes smart plays. He isn’t a player that you have to call all of the plays for but the offense rolls when he gets the ball in his hands as he has a very high I.Q to either finish or kick it off for the smart play. He also defends at a high level and uses his body to guard bigs but is also kick enough to switch onto a guard. He’s a next level player and will be one of the top players in the state yet again.

Alexander Pena-Avila – Overland — Class of 2019

Alexander isn’t a player that’s talked about too much, but when you see him in person he is a player that you gravitate towards because he makes all of the right plays. He is a bruiser with his large stature but he is agile and gets it done in a variety of ways. He was the Trailblazers big man last year and he wears big guys down because he constantly brings it. He is a great passer out of the post and he keep plays alive with his tip outs. He is a very skilled big guy that showed he has been working on post scoring and put together a couple of moves that he now goes to. This is a big year for him so he will have to get off to a fast start if the Trailblazers want a shot at winning this tough conference.

Connor Riepma – Mullen — Class of 2019

Last year Connor averaged Seven points and five rebounds a game, but it was the way that he got it done that was impressive. He went out and competed nightly and although he didn’t get the recognition as a top big man, he was deserving of it, team success played a big part in it because there’s no way you watch his game and he doesn’t stand out. He does plenty of things that the top guys do and is very skilled for his size. He competes with the big guys and doesn’t back down from any competition. He is tasked with one of the toughest positions to guard nightly and he still brings it on the offensive end. He patrols the paint and gets out on the perimeter at times which shows his versatility. He will have to be more consistent this year and will surely be a player that I take a deep look at as he is one of my dark horse sleepers.

Caleb McGill – Grandview – Class of 2020

Caleb is one of the biggest guys in the state and he was one of the youngest players in the conference that contributed at the level that he did. He is a 6’7 big with skill. He really took over and won a few games last year with his work on the defensive end. Placing him at the bottom of the zone was one of the best tactics in the state because of his ability to patrol all areas and not allow teams to get second change points. He cleaned up the rebounds and is capable of running the break if needed. He has soft touch and runs the floor and finishes. He also makes it difficult for the opposing big man to just sit in the paint as he knocks down the free throw extended jumper as well as any player in the conference. Caleb will most likely be the best big man in the conference and this is a big year for him to keep getting recognition.