Posted On: 10/2/18 4:16 PM

There were a good number of Nor-Cal prospects at Pangos who played good basketball at this event.  This group of 5 Nor-Cal players who played solid ball at Pangos, but didn’t play in the two All-Star games shouldn’t be overlooked.


Davion Wright 6’1 Point guard 2022, who attends Franklin High School in Elk Grove CA.  I think it’s fair to say this prospect got overlooked at Pangos last weekend.  Davion should have been in one of the top two games, no doubt about it.  He’s a strong point guard with handles and has the ability to shoot long 3 point shots and make them, at one point he knocked down 3 or 4 three point shots in one of his 3 camp games.  He has the strength to absorb contact on his way to the rim for finishes.  He played consistent throughout the camp.  Davion is a good basketball player who will have impact at Franklin.


Tagipo Maui Jr.  5’10 Guard 2022 Hiram Johnson HS, Sacramento CA.  This prospect hasn’t  even played in his first high school game yet, but he plays like it . He has a solid body, he’s calm and plays under control.  He attacks the paint with purpose, looking to pass first, but can finish with either hand, looks to get others involved.  Leads the transition break always looking for the player running hard to fill the lanes or he will pull-up for a mid range jumper.  Good on ball defender.


Donjae Lindsey 6’0 Guard 2021 Weston Ranch (Stockton CA). Fits in well with some of the more established players(Gavin Wilburn Oakland Soldiers 16u and Devin Small Team Arsenal) on this scrappy Weston Ranch squad. No flash just a good solid player who plays with composure and confidence.  He handles the ball well in the open court using his speed to run past defenders, often using his speed and quickness to get in the paint area where he displayed a floater and a nice spin move for the finish. He has a good first step, he has a mid-range jumper and can knock down the open 3pt shot.  Donjae is an excellent defender, his quick hands and lateral movement enables him to disrupt opposing guards.  


Luke Westermeyer 5’11 2021, Point Guard. Clayton Valley HS, Clayton CA. I call him Cool Hand Luke because he’s not rattled by his surroundings, he knows his game.  He might be limited in some areas but he makes up for it with his consistent play, he’s a savvy point guard who works to get the ball to his team mates in the open court or in half court, he’s a good passer.  He has a nice floater and rarely takes bad shots.  He’s always in good position to help on defense.


Taj Phillips 5’8 2021 Point Guard attend Bishop O’Dowd Oakland CA. It’s very difficult to trap and take the ball from small point guards with good handles.  Taj more than held his own against bigger guards who try to be physical with him, he’s a pass first guard who has a nice pull up jumper.  He’s a good dribbler who see’s the floor well, makes the long up court pass, and knows his job is to get the ball to his scoring team mates. Taj is a good floor leader who can settle his team in the half court.