Posted On: 10/5/18 10:53 AM

The freshman class is on the brink of their debut. It’s a talented group of young men that will leave their mark on prep basketball in Michigan. The Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo gave us a great opportunity to see some of the 2022 class. There was a lot of high quality guard play at the event. We’ll take a look at 5 freshman guards from the event that people should keep their eye on. These 5 athletes are the type of players that have the potential to make an impact.

DJ Allison (5’11, Guard, Kalamazoo Central)

Allison is one of the top players in Michigan’s freshman class. He’s versatile enough to play on or off the ball. Allison can handle the ball and score from multiple levels. He’s a gritty player who strives to win every possession. 

Thomas Dillard IV (6’1”, Guard, Kalamazoo Central)

Dillard IV is one of the most talented players in the class of 2022. He’s a coach’s dream, as he encourages teaching and is always engaged. Dillard IV is an excellent all around athlete who moves well on the court. He’s a hustle player who will never hesitate to hit the floor for a loose ball.

Benjamin McCaskill (5’11”, Guard, Cranbrook Kingswood)

McCaskill has the potential to be a valuable piece to a successful Cranbrook Kingswood team. He is versatile, having the ability to play on or off the ball. McCaskill moves well without the ball and gets looks at the basket because of it.

Brandon McCaskill (5’9”, Guard, Cranbrook Kingswood)

McCaskill has the chance to be a real key to the future of Cranbrook Kingswood basketball. He is a good ball handler who can beat a press. McCaskill is steady with the ball, doesn’t over dribble, and makes the high percentage pass. 

Brady Titus (5’10, Guard, Tri Unity Christian)

Titus has the potential to be an influence player at a national level. He has the skills to be a high major Division 1 recruit someday. Titus plays downhill and is in constant attack mode on offense. He can break down defenders off the dribble and finish or dish. On the defensive end, he uses his quickness to create a 1 man press.