Posted On: 10/4/18 7:30 AM

For the first time since the Jerry Peters Memphis Summer Classic at MUS, I had a chance to watch the Lausanne Lynx Boys’ basketball team on the hardwood floor.

Head coach Marvis Davis was without half of his team since football season is still in full swing. Lausanne didn’t have its starting point guard Sky Forest on the floor. Cameron Sims, who plays cornerback for the Lynx’s football team, wasn’t on the floor. Nick Floyd, a transfer from St. George’s Independent School, wasn’t on the floor.

Dylan Woods of the 2021 class wasn’t on the floor. Jalen Bo Montgomery had a cast on his left hand but was present at practice, motivating his teammates.

That’s a total of five players who weren’t on the court as Lausanne scrimmaged for the entire time Wednesday afternoon going into the evening. But I did have a chance to watch more of Alden Applewhite, Jonathan DeJurnett, Dylan Andrews, Peyton Piacenti, and Hayden Ledbetter.

Davis mentioned after practice that this is the deepest team he’s ever had in his head coaching career. The main goal for the Lynx is to win a state championship, and they have a group of guys with the firepower to conquer the mission.

Just like I did with Bartlett, Center Hill, Briarcrest Christian, and Olive Branch, I put together four observations on Lausanne.

Here are the four:

Alden Applewhite doesn’t rush the process

The sophomore combo guard doesn’t get crazy with the basketball. When he sees a scoring opportunity, he takes it. When he doesn’t, he finds the open man. On defense, Applewhite is vocal and communicates well with his teammates. Applewhite is a smart basketball player with two more years to get better before heading off to college.

Hayden Ledbetter could be another Jason Williams

The freshman idolizes former NBA point guard Jason Williams, who played for four different teams in his 13-year career. Some of Ledbetter’s passes reminds coach Davis of Williams. He has solid ball handles and has a nice jump shot to go with them. Ledbetter is expected to play some varsity basketball this upcoming season in a reserve role.

Jonathan DeJurnett wants to continue to get better

The junior forward showed positive signs in Wednesday’s practice. He was very alert on both ends of the court. He finished strong at the rim. He took a step on the defense end by guarding Applewhite, who’s a guard. Davis mentioned DeJurnett wants to be able to guard guys on the perimeter. DeJurnett plays well with his back to the basket. Expect DeJurnett to have a breakout season for the Lynx.

You can’t leave Peyton Piacenti open

I couldn’t count on my ten fingers of how many shots freshman guard Peyton Piacenti made in Wednesday’s scrimmage. I just know he can’t be left open. If he’s wide open, his shot will go in 90 percent of the time. Piacenti had moments where he was shooting five to seven feet away from the 3-point line. Whenever Applewhite, Forest, or DeJurnett sees a double team, Piacenti will be open, and he can shoot it.